Safe Earn’s Launch Gives Large Rewards in Safemoon to Holders

Safe Earn is DeFi’s newest entry into a sea of tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. What makes it different, however, is that by making use of the ever-popular “reflect” mechanic that rewards token holders on every transaction, Safe Earn rewards holders in SafeMoon.

SafeMoon took the DeFi space by storm by reaching the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap since its release just four months ago. As a result, it has amassed 2.5 million holders, a number unprecedented in tokens based on smart contracts. However, with the overall sentiment in the market trading sideways, Safe Earn created a way to enable SafeMoon holders to consistently add to their wallets.

“SafeMoon is now met with an incredible opportunity to give its holders a new and exciting way to add to their current holdings. Instead of the standard 5% reflection given out by SafeMoon already, Safe Earn ups that number to 13.5% in rewards. It’s an extremely new way to nearly triple your earnings.”

Safe Earn took the space by storm by amassing over 3,000 holders within its first 72 hours after launch. In comparison, SafeMoon took 10 days to hit 3,000 holders. With a larger number of people buying DeFi tokens every day, the trajectory exists to potentially partner up together and benefit holders over and over again.

To supplement their launch Safe Earn ran a number of giveaways, with the most interesting being a $10,000 USDT offer to anyone who could get SafeMoon to publicly mention them. This caused a storm on SafeMoon’s hashtags and more, which resulted in a positive turnaround for Safe Earn.

About Safe Earn ($Safearn):

Double reflections: 13.5% of all transactions sent to holders in SafeMoon. 5% from SafeMoon stacked on top.

Buyback: A manual buyback system is given 3.5% of all transactions to spike the price upwards to maintain chart momentum and trigger rewards

Liquidity: 2% of all transactions go directly to the liquidity pool

Marketing: On top of a large marketing wallet held in BNB, 1% of all transactions are sent to the marketing wallet

Slippage: To purchase Safe Earn and begin building SafeMoon holdings, set your Pancake Swap slippage to 15%


Telegram: u/safe_earn



Contract Address: 0x099f551ea3cb85707cac6ac507cbc36c96ec64ff

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