Regalcoin (REC) The Record of Worldwide coin is Begin

Regalcoin Info -The Record of Worldwide coin is Begin

In the year 2017, where all the digital currency is getting the eye of the world. The rising rate of bitcoin is more than 300% and the presence of Bitcoin hard fork results in the form of BCH is the turning point of the cryptocurrency world. Today, Bitcoin communities are pervasive in all aspects of any country. Based on that it takes a community where Bitcoin users can feel unity, free trade and peer to peer comfort. It presents at the right time and we aim to provide the best solution for all Bitcoin users in the world.

REGALCOIN with its Extensive Features

REGALCOIN user-friendly features with a very easy path to satisfy and meet the booming Bitcoin user’s passion. Bitcoin lay users can follow the trend of Bitcoin easily and conveniently and without worry because it is supported by a safe and sophisticated system.

The REGALCOIN.CO platform is accessible for free. Every registered user can do activities: Sell – Buy – Staking – Lending
There is also as QT web wallet which allows us to store Regalcoin for Free. Wallet for Android and iOS will also be presenting to make it easier for users

REGALCOIN Initial Strategy is ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of 5 million coins from a total of 27 coins. ICO begins on August 22, 2017 and starts from the price:

0.85 $ for 0-1 million Coins first
0.88 $ for 1-2 million Coins
0.91 $ for 2-3 million Coins
0.94 $ for 3-4 million Coins
0.97 $ for 4-5 million Coins

Later prices are predicted to be 10 $ -50 $ in the next few months. And for the active member will get bonus referrals and other bonuses. Its community is not only a tool for Regalcoin users, so each user can also become an exchange in each country and where he lives. This will open new opportunities for the well-being of Regalcoin loyal users.

“We will also be active in social, economic and knowledge activities to support the development and bring positive impact to the people.” – by.CEO REGALCOIN, Hongkong 2017.

For more information and to join the growing Bitcoin REGALCOIN community, visit and your free membership list today.

Contact Details of the company

Company Name: Regalcoin Cryptocurrency

Company Contacts: [email protected]

Note: Regalcoin is the key source for this Press release. This content is only for information purpose and should not be considered as an endorsement by Regalcoin. We do not acknowledge guarantee, representations, or responsibility for the accuracy of the content accuracy. Readers should research well before investing their funds in any company.

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