Regalcoin reaches $20 after successful ICO



We’re glad to announce that Regalcoin has successfully completed the process of Initial Coin offerings. The ICO has been in the market for a month, which was started from 22nd august and ends on 22nd September 2017. However, the initial REC price was only $0.85 and surged to $0.97 for the last ICO coin.


The price of the coin has outperformed and increased to $20. Successfully, the current price is 2000% increase of Initial price since it was listed in market Coinexchange on 1st October ago.

With the great response from market and investors, price of REC Skyrocket in 2 days. Furthermore, the price surged because of support from Lending program. This lending program is the Official Program of Regalcoin, aimed at passive investor, who don’t need to worry about changes in REC market prices, because each contract runs in the form of USD and price fluctuation will not affect investor earnings.

A Great thank to all those who supported us and believed in Regalcoin which makes us very successful and congratulations to those of you who have taken a chance in ICO with the lowest price and get profit up to 2000% of the initial capital.

By end 2017, REC is expected to climb $50 with support from lending program.

THe more the lending then the less the number of coins in the market. With fewer amount and an increasing demand, market is more likely to show REC price to $50.

Our continuous effort towards making Regal platform perfect for you will never end.

Once again, Congratulations and thank you for support!!


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