REC is booming – The Journey of Regalcoin So far!


Regalcoin is rapidly growing in the crypto market. During a period of ICO, it has reached $60 within 25 days.


On 10th October, this decentralized coin has listed in a Coinexchange market and has surged rapidly with 2000% increase in its initial price. The currency is process much like how Bitcoin does in the present market. However, this cryptocurrency is a blockchain based thus not controlled by any institutions/government.

REC is the coin tag of Regalcoin which is publicly accessible for everyone. Its network is transparent, records live and are widen across multiple servers. The multiple server options from Regalcoin ensures protecting the forge transactions in the blockchain.

The Crypto Journey

Pre-ICO of Regalcoin has started from 22nd August 2017 and has ended up on 22nd September 2017. During Pre-ICO, the company has released 5.000.000 REC & has risen up significantly.

Regalcoin Trading

Presently, Regalcoin is listed under three major crypto exchanges namely, and This platform is all set to trade with other local exchanges and the names of those exchanges are yet to be announced.

Web Wallets & Apps

On 5th October 2017, the company has reached web milestone & has officially announced it’s launched of web wallet on Twitter. Beyond webwallet, they had also stated the launch of playstore Apps in coming days.

It’s price surges!

REC began showing its real success from 12th Oct with the price as $42 and reached $70 on 27th Oct. Eventually, price surged to $90 on 28th Oct 2017 and showing consistency at present.

Regalcoin has 4 different programs for users

It has listed 4 distinct programs which are in line with a Trading program, Staking program, Lending program and Affiliate & networking program respectively.

  • Trading program: The platform has provided a detailed guide on how a user can trade Regalcoin and also the steps he can follow to start trading process.

Trading program

  • Staking program: Staking pool from REC assists user earn profits by just depositing Regalcoin on deposit address provided in a wallet.

Staking program

  • Lending interest rate: The Lending program of Regalcoin is the profitable opportunity where a user can simply buy REC and lend the same. Lending these coins will allow users earn yearly profits and subsequent rate of interest.

Lending interest rate

  • Affiliate & Networking program: Its affiliate program is divided into 3 levels where a user can earn interest based on its level. As described, level one user can earn 7% bonus, level 2 can earn 2% bonus. Its consequently level 3 is eligible for 1% bonus.

Affiliate & Networking program

Regalcoin is on easier interface

The platform is basically on simplified user interface thus; by just registering via its web wallet or by downloading the app, you can transact REC. Upon registration, you must enter wallet address and the REC sum you want to transfer. Just click the send button and you’re done.

Final Thought

Regalcoin has acquired a large portion of present cryptocurrency market in a short span of time. Since its launch, REC success has spread across diverse social networks and crypto community platforms.

Furthermore, it can be transfers via peer to peer network without authority of any central server. If you have access to smartphones and internet connections, then you’re all set to precede money transfer with Regalcoin.

Above all features, the anonymous transactions of REC are accessible with a very low fee as to Zero.

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