The Pulse Bomber Miner Can Be A Passive Income Source, Learn How.

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Nov 30, 2021


Pulse Bomber – a new token with a crypto mining platform generating daily ROI – is aiming to become the first project to migrate to the PulseChain network once it becomes available.

Making its inception into the crypto space on the Binance Smart Chain, the project, with its passive income potential offering to investors, is expected to become a significant player on the upcoming blockchain.

The mining platform has already gained the attention of many investors looking to receive consistent passive income.

This is due to the foundation being set on the Binance Smart Chain, it has allowed the project to utilize its large audience in order to gain an established community and market value before being the first mover to PulseChain. 

Upcoming releases including a metaverse game; launchpad, and NFT marketplace are just some of the significant platforms that Pulse Bomber aims to complete in the coming months for its holders.

Additionally, all holders of $PULSEBOMBER will receive a 1:1 airdrop of the PulseChain equivalent when the migration takes place.

The Pulse Bomber Miner Explained

The Pulse Bomber Miner – a passive income generator for holders who have the option to deposit their $PULSEBOMBER tokens in exchange for Miners that act as the source of ROI – they essentially work for the user to gain rewards that can be compounded or pocketed, at the owners discretion.

The miner offers a competitive ROI at 10% daily or 3,650% APR, which is sustained through the user’s regular interaction with the platform.

A 24-hour window is implemented into the miner – a user has to return every day to either compound or pocket their rewards or the efficiency of the miner will start to decrease.

The main attribute of the miner is to encourage contribution from all users so by providing a window of time for compounding, it enables consistent input into the contract – keeping it healthy.

The transaction fees consist of a 5% deposit fee, and a 25% withdrawal fee. There are none for compounding rewards – encouraging users to keep the contract sustained.

All funds that are generated through fees are put back into the project’s liquidity pool to keep its foundation growing.

The Buyback and Burn Feature – Why is it Unique?

The unique feature named dual buyback and burn is a system that operates differently from the traditional burning processes in the crypto space – instead of burning from the non-circulating supply, it takes place in the open market, removing tokens from the circulating supply, transferring value directly to holders of the $PULSEBOMBER token.

The tokenomics of the project are designed to sustain marketing funds so the progress of Pulse Bomber can be funded healthily through general interaction with it’s economy.

Upcoming Releases and the Future of Pulse Bomber

Pulse Bomber has layed out a roadmap detailing all upcoming releases that aimed at captivating on a large audience within the crypto space. 

These launches in order of release include:

  • A Launchpad – a platform for new tokens to launch their presale/IDOs on
  • Staking – giving users an additional system for earning passive income potential
  • NFT Marketplace – where users have the ability to trade, buy, and sell exclusive NFTs
  • NFT Gaming – a fully developed game implementing NFTs
  • Metaverse – aimed to be incorporated with the game to offer virtual experiences

The team has enlisted Coinpresso – an expert crypto marketing agency that offers full-stack digital marketing strategies through advanced SEO, Web-Development, Social Media Management, and Content Marketing.

The agency along with Pulse Bomber aim to work together in pursuit of becoming the number one project on PulseChain by establishing the project in various communities, as well as gaining a significant market share to get a headstart.

Pulse Bomber possesses a product with a competitve ROI – an advantage that many investors look for, and with expert assistance, a visionary roadmap, and detailed whitepaper, the horizon for the project looks like it could be a potential winner its holders.

Their initial inception on the BSC has provided them with a community of loyal holders, and with its strong utility, the potential is there for it to become the number one token on PulseChain.



Media Contact:

Andreas Costa

[email protected]

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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