Presale Phase Two On Gnox (GNOX) Sell-Out Could Show Whales Are Migrating From Ethereum (ETH) And Avalanche (AVAX)

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    Jul 27, 2022


    One of the cryptocurrencies with the fastest rate of growth in 2022 was Gnox, which has maintained its dominance in the cryptocurrency market. The project’s enormous utility and media attention are to blame for this growth. Every crypto investor today, including Ethereum and Avalanche whales, is migrating to purchase Gnox for this reason.

    The big whales of the above cryptos have been gathering and looking out for more profitable projects, and Gnox is definitely one of them. Crypto analysts forecast that Ethereum and Avalanche whales will soon turn their attention to Gnox as a potential new cryptocurrency investment.

    Gnox’s (GNOX) impressive presale phase two

    Investors should keep an eye on this project given that some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry are currently supporting the GNOX presale.

    Since the start of the Gnox token sale on May 12, sales have increased by 63 percent. The Gnox token’s creators revealed that 49.5 million tokens were sold during the first presale. This resulted in a more than 60% increase in the token’s price.

    A price increase resulted from the burning of about 1.3 billion tokens by the first presale’s end. On August 18, the Gnox platform is expected to make its public debut. A specific number of tokens is allocated to each of the three phases of the presale. Any unsold tokens are burned at the conclusion of each phase, increasing the price of the token for the following phase. The presale is currently in its final stages, after which all unsold tokens will be burned. Gnox Never again will new tokens be produced.

    Ethereum (ETH)

    According to the most recent data from blockchain analytics company Satinment, most traders do not buy into the hype surrounding Ethereum (ETH) and are confident that the price of cryptocurrencies will decline in the lead-up to the FOMC meeting.

    CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks the cryptocurrency market, reports that the price of ETH has decreased by 4.61 percent over the last day, dropping to $1,526.52. ETH now has a market cap of $185,611,763,589.

    One ETH is currently worth about 0.06961 BTC, which means that the price of ETH has decreased by 1.22 percent in comparison to BTC.

    Avalanche (AVAX)

    Avalanche has been one of the market’s top-performing scaling platforms as well as a top-performing cryptocurrency. The Avalanche network’s whales are departing, though, as more advanced blockchains emerge.

    The platform’s transactions are powered by AVAX, Avalanche’s native token. Avalanche claims to be the world’s fastest smart contract protocol, which could be crucial to the expansion of cryptocurrencies and their future development.

    Among the coins that Avalanche whales have been purchasing is Gnox. Due to the Gnox chain’s enormous potential, whales have been accumulating tokens.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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