Polstarter Whitelist Presale Announcement


Hooray! It’s finally here. Polstartar has finally released a date for the first phase of its presale. Starting exactly at 11:00 UTC on the 7th of May, Polstarter is selecting participants to join its presale. It will be done through a whitelist process and only the addresses that were whitelisted will get the opportunity to participate in that presale.


Once you enlist for the whitelisting, go ahead and complete all the required tasks in the whitelist form so as to stand a chance of getting whitelisted for the presale. 

You can start now. Get the whitelist form here and be sure to complete all the tasks stipulated. Winners will be selected randomly from the pool of participants in the whitelist.

The whitelist ends exactly at 7:00 UTC on the 7th of May. Shortly after that, the winners of the whitelist will be announced at 10:00 UTC the same day. The presale starts in an hour’s time after the announcement at 11:00 UTC and ends any time the hard cap is reached. 

Very Promising Tokenometrics:

Total Supply : 10,000,000 PSTART
Presale Cap : 1,800,000 PSTART
Presale Price : 3000PSTART/ BNB
Presale Cap : 600 BNB

You can buy PSTART token from here:

Don’t miss a thing; follow Polstarter on social media:

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