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PLAAS Appoints an Industry Stalwarts Emmanuel Adams as CEO

Emmanuel Adams, the most sought after BlockChain Consultant in Africa, Becomes CEO of PLAAS Farmers Chain

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PLAAS Farmers’ Chain, a leading Africa’s leading agricultural tech blockchain company, recently announced the appointment of Emmanuel Adams as new Chief Executive Officer with effect from September 2020. Mr, Adams succeeded the current CEO Alakanani Itireleng who was also the founder who vacated her position to focus on the Bitcoin development in the region.

In addition to the appointment, PLAAS Farmers’ Chain also launched a state of the art Defi project called ‘pFARM’. This project intends to streamline the farming process by offering a high level of operational efficiency across the channels. This project aims to build an efficient governance platform where-in the pFARM stakeholders and the PLAAS locked holders can use to vote on the proposals on the PLAAS platform.

Emmanuel Adams – The New CEO 

Emmanuel Adams is a well known public figure in the agriculture technology blockchain space who has played a vital role in consulting and mentoring the early start-ups in Africa. Based in Nigeria, he is passionate about the technology, blockchain, entrepreneurship and writing

Prior to PLASS Farmers’ Chain, he worked with numerous companies that deal with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With extensive industry experience, he joined PLAAS Farmers’ Chain in November 2018 as Strategic Advisor. And since then he managed various roles within the organization, Head of Partnerships and Integration, being the most recent one before becoming the CEO.

Mr Admas is also the founder and President of AfroDEX Labs, which is a leading blockchain company in Africa.

Pleased to get an opportunity to be the CEO of Africa’s leading agritech company, Mr Adams took on LinkedIn to thank every person and also asked his contacts to share their ideas and expectations.

Additionally, PLAAS Farmers’ Chain also announced a state of art DeFi project called pFarm

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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