PEJ Announces The First Wearable NFTs, Metaverse, And Real-Life VIP Events

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Jan 18, 2022


As the non-fungible token market continues to progress, many big players are getting involved in this blockchain technology.

PEJ is proud to be a part of this revolution with the introduction of the first wearable NFTs in the form of a wearable PEJ hoodie.

Once PEJCOIN reaches 1000 holders, one lucky winner will get a chance to wear an epic NFT hoodie in the metaverse. Plus, you get a real-life hoodie that matches your avatar.

It doubles as a special VIP access pass that provides real and virtual utility to the holder.

By offering NFTs as a wearable accessory, PEJ is moving ahead with a vision to create a metaverse where users can flaunt their hoodies and be noticeable.

Merging the boundless creativity of the metaverse and the exclusivity of fashion in the real world gives users a fresh way to discover the evolving NFT space.

Every NFT holder will get exclusive access to the metaverse and real-life VIP events. The utility is the key to introducing new users to the space, and PEJ is committed to attracting even those who are not yet a part of the crypto community.

The potential of this ecosystem goes far beyond the NFTs, and a lot of exciting things are on the cards.

Up-and-coming virtual club experience

The team is looking forward to establishing a decentralized casino and strip club in the name of   “Club $PEJ”. Players can strap on their VR glasses and walk through to play those games that catch their fancy.

You must hold at least 1 PEJ coin in your wallet to access the exciting features and benefits on offer. Any royalty generated by the club will be redistributed to native token holders.

Users get an additional 0.001% of the club’s profits for every coin they hold, thus encouraging them to stay in the game for extended periods.


PEJCOIN is the ultimate degen’s coin that uses a basket of fiat-pegged stable coins, stabilized algorithmically by its reserve currency PEJ.

It aims to facilitate a decentralized payment network and financial infrastructure development. The token has many potential use cases in the real and virtual world.

Tokenomics and Rewards

Max Supply: 1,000,000

100% Fair Launch

Smart contract: 0x00dd0f54d65b9b40af95568311b1cd09627051d0 (Available on PancakeSwap)

When you buy the token, you have to pay 20% as a tax (A.K.A SAFE REKT Tokenomics)

·        10% goes into the coin’s liquidity pool

·        5% goes back to current token holders after every transaction on the network

·        5% goes to the REKT VAULTs

There are four different ways in which you are rewarded as a PEJ holder. These include:

·        Liquidity pool staking for retirement coupons

·        Every PEJCOIN staked can earn you an equivalent amount of SREKT per day

·        5% instant reward as a result of other transactions

·        Club $PEJ royalties when it goes live in the metaverse

Follow them on different social media handles for the latest updates on upcoming launches and announcements!

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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