Use Crypto Like You Use Fiat Using Payiza DLT-based Digital Banking Platform

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Use Crypto Like You Use Fiat Using Payiza DLT-based Digital Banking Platform

Imagine an emergency where the funds you need to pay are available ‘only in crypto’. Your loved one’s life is at stake but you’ve got a little fiat to pay and very less time to sell your crypto for fiat and then pay for the service.! 

Horrible, Right.!? That’s where Payiza emerged as an ultimate solution. 

Payiza, a DLT-based digital banking platform works super cool and simple in both – fiat and crypto. Much similar to any banking applications such as Google Pay in India that works only in fiat for all your daily needs, Payiza offers you the facility of spending virtual currency as well as your national currency by just using one Payiza application. 

But What is Payiza App? 

Payiza brings you the world’s First DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)-based global banking platform. It simplifies the process of Mobile top-up, Money Payout, Fiat, and CryptoCurrency. Besides, it also offers additional buying and selling features that facilitate the trade of cryptocurrency, all in one single platform. 

It believes that Technology must be integrated with simplicity. Payiza, therefore, is offering digital banking services to worldwide users. It is the first-ever NEO and Crypto Banking connected platform with a global network of 600+ mobile operators spread across 143 countries. 

Key Features of Payiza App

Use Your Crypto Money Via QR And Wallet; Payiza enables Global QR Code-based payments. In near future, you can use your crypto money at any shopping outlet in the world to make payments.

  • Universal QR Code For Merchants For One-Stop Payments: Generate an All-In-One QR Code to facilitate mobile payments for your outlet. 
  • The Safest Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: Payiza offers seamless cryptocurrency trade with more than 500 cryptos to choose from and support for 85 currencies.
  • The Fastest Global Banking Platform: Payiza integrates global banking for bank accounts in more than 50 countries. Send your money across the world within seconds.
  • Fiat Banking for Crypto Made Easy: Use Payiza for instant money transfer into your account via fiat banking at zero additional costs.

At Payiza, users can avail of three connected features – your bank account, your crypto wallet account, and a unique Payiza virtual wallet account. To pay for any service in crypto, you only need to top up your Payiza virtual wallet account and it automatically converts your crypto into fiat and pays for the service. 

In simple terms, you can use your crypto to pay for utility bills  through Payiza Application. You can get rid of getting the buyers to sell your crypto with the best price and let Payiza do the rest for you. 

What Can You Do Using Payiza App? 

It has strongly built itself as the best global banking platform for multi-currency transfers, money exchange, bill payments, storage, trade, buying, and selling of cryptocurrencies. You can Sign Up for Payiza using this link – and you can; 

  1. Deposit fiat currency to Payiza wallet 
  2. Deposit cryptocurrency to Payiza wallet 
  3. Convert one fiat currency to another fiat currency 
  4. Convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency 
  5. Get access to Virtual Debit Card 
  6. Convert cryptocurrency inside the Payiza wallet to local fiat currency and withdraw the money from the Payiza wallet to a Local bank account 
  7. Internal transfer (Payiza wallet to a bank account) 
  8. Transfer local currency to payiza virtual bank account 
  9. Withdraw fiat money from Payiza wallet to local bank Account 
  10. Automatic generating of virtual bank accounts for signup users 

The Team 

There’s a statement that says; “without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value” And Payiza is led by experts and veteran profiles of the crypto & blockchain industry,who are well-versed with blockchain tech, virtual currency, and digital payment industry. 

Mr.Mo Akram – Chief Technology Officer [CTO] 

Interestingly, Mr. Akram has and is building the best blockchain solutions by leading one of the finest teams of blockchain wizzes. He has also been assisting the fundamental working architectures of crypto exchanges and platforms. Mr.Akram is currently heading Payiza as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Connect with Mr.Akram on Linkedin 

Bibin Babu – Chief Executive Officer [CEO] 

As a 1st Gen Entrepreneur, Mr.Bibin Babu has built Asia’s first Blockchain Experience Centre. He has ranked amongst Top 5 whiz kids in India. Mr.Bibin has vast experience of managing corporate affairs in software development and robotics.

Connect with Bibin Babu on Linkedin 

Don Chancellor – Vice President, Africa 

Dr. Chancellor is the Founder of AFRICUNIA BANK. As an IBM certified Blockchain Expert he is one of the early adopters and holders of Bitcoin. Though more inclined to the Medical Profession but coming from the backdrop and admixture of the Medical and Banking/Financial family, he is armed with the art of both worlds and thus lays acclaim to many years of practical experiences in related fields.

While studying Medicine & Surgery, he single-handedly spearheaded the operations of FASTCASHIER EUROPE LIMITED, now renamed ZeroPay as its Managing Director in charge of the Europe Continent. 

Connect with Don Linkedin 

Stuart Schade – Blockchain Advisor

Currently, Stuart is the Founder of 4 companies including Apprema Pty LTD, Ntsr Pty ltd, Schaelec Pty ltd, and Masterhash LLC. Stuart works with the executive team to investigate new business opportunities around the company’s business needs.

Connect with Stuart on Linkedin 

This platform with all these features is available at just a click of a button. You only need to create an account with your basic details and hassle-free KYC registration. 

You can connect with Payiza on Social media; 

Telegram | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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