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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Dec 2, 2017


So, you are probing out the latest ICO! Here is the hottest one that has emerged with an application of Artificial Intelligence. 

ICO starts from December 5, 2017, and ends on January 3, 2018

Though machine learning implementation is increasingly adopted by large organization & business firms, its practice over cryptocurrency market is the newest concept initiated by Airfio.

Machine learning in cryptocurrency market

Machine learning refers to the computer-based algorithms that are using to study key mechanism from the data independently. Thus, it makes an appropriate improvement in the existing algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are notably revolutionizing some major parts of the environment. Hence, they are the incredibly useful tools for investors navigating the process of decision-making associated with the risk assessment and investment.

Multiple strategies like linear regressions, neural networks, deep learning, support vector machines which uses machine learning to optimize the algorithms in order to update the techniques of cryptocurrency trading.

Airfio proposes machine learning in Cryptocurrency

Airfio with machine learning addresses the key aspects like improvising user experience in cryptocurrency market by analyzing individual behavior through AI, initiating a cryptocurrency that everyone has easier access, and automating the crypto market with its launch of smart AI application.

Since Airfio’s inception, the platform has gained substantial interest from across the potential market. However, investors are researching “AI implementation on blockchain based transactions” and are joining its network with full potentials.

The platform has started developing its network in the year 2016. And is to ensure that every crypto user embraces all-inclusive functions within the same network/cryptocurrency (namely ARF). To improve crypto user experience, ARF Coin is integrating with major support from its exclusive products including Visa Card to withdraw crypto funds, decentralized exchange to trade ARF without any hassle, its own ATM machines, Kiosk machines, mining applications and so on.

ICO and Free token earning program  

Token tag: ARF

Pre-ICO sale: 16th November 2017 to 20th November 2017

ICO Sale: December 05, 2017 to January 03, 2018

Maximum Supply: 25 million

Tokens for Pre-ICO:1million

Token released on ICO: 9million

Airfio has successfully completed its Pre-ICO sale on 20th November and has gained growing interest from across the global crypto users.

The cryptocurrency enthusiastic people are invited to earn the free token by participating in its referral and bounty campaigns. These programs design with an easy interface and interesting tasks, performing of which can enable users to earn their free tokens after a token sale.

Airfio’s advanced products include the Assistant application which is based on AI that is built to act upon user’s query automatically & instantly. Since its decentralized exchange designs to trade cryptocurrency without obligation of any third party/central authority.

Further, various products like SDK for developers, ATM machines, Visa Card, Kiosk Machine for a developer and so on.

Airfio’s launch of machine learning across cryptocurrency trading can be integrating feasibly. The system will balance the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading and ensure precision and quick confirmation.

Join the network today:

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Note: This press release is for an informational purpose only and Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. Thereby, readers are advised to consider company’s policy & T&C before making any investment.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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