Oryen Network Pushes +200% Due To Huge Buys With USDT And USDC

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Stablecons like Tether and USD Coin are integral to the crypto world. By being tied to regular fiat currencies like the dollar, they give holders true stability and a price they can always understand. So when major holders of extremely stable currencies like USDC start moving their funds into other projects, people take notice. That’s what’s been happening recently with Oryen Network: and it’s already up 200% as a result.

But if you missed your chance to enjoy these gains: there’s still time left to enjoy more. ORY hasn’t even officially launched yet, and many experts think it’s set to be one of the break-out stars of the crypto world over the next few months when it does. By investing now, you could enjoy even bigger gains when it hits mainstream marketplaces and continues to capture the public’s imagination.

Oryen Network (ORY) thriving thanks to major influx of investments

Oryen’s performance during pre-sale is even more impressive when looking at the wider crypto market’s recent issues. If you’ve got other investments in the industry, you’ll probably have seen how much your portfolio has been struggling recently. Most people are experiencing the same issues: but those invested in ORY are bucking the bear market trend. They’ve already seen gains at a time when almost every other crypto is plummeting. And they’re expecting even more gains now major holders of USDT and USDC are all-in on the project. With the biggest passive income yield ever at 90% and the easiest staking model ever seen in crypto, these price movements will be supported by a truly sustainable system that pays out generously over time. So if you want price gains and passive yields along the way, join stablecoin investors by putting your faith into ORY.

USD Coin (USDC) leads the way for digital fiat options

In a crypto world where many other investments are open to vast amounts of volatility and price dumps on a day-to-day basis, stablecoins have become a crucial part of the ecosystem. They provide a price that’s tied to a true value like the dollar and can be used easily for purchases and transactions in a currency everyone can always understand the value of. USDC continues to lead the way as one of the most prominent stablecoin options and should always be part of a diversified portfolio alongside more speculative investments as a hedge against volatility.

Tether (USDT) remains stable despite market turmoil

Tether had taken a bit of flak a few months back. Many questioned its ability to remain on a 1:1 dollar peg, especially in volatile times. But despite recent turmoil, USDT has surprised some onlookers by continuing to offer true stability for investors. It’s one of the best stablecoin options out there and is an integral part of the crypto ecosystem. But alongside their USDT holdings, some savvy investors are moving funds into projects like ORY. Now could be the time to follow their lead and gear your portfolio up for long-term success.


While any good portfolio should have stablecoin stability with the likes of USDT and USDC, it should also have investments that could rocket into the stratosphere. And the best option if you’re looking for those kind of gains is ORY, which is primed for the big time in the crypto world and could soon surpass almost every other altcoin. Now’s the perfect time to invest before it finishes pre-sale.  

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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