Oryen Network Leads Staking Revolution With 250% Price Increase With Many Aptos, Tron And Cosmos Holders Investing

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Oryen (ORY) breaks new ground by offering investors a stable APY, unlike Aptos, Tron, and Cosmos. As a result, it gathered the attention of investors.

The value of cryptocurrencies has fluctuated poorly. On the other hand, ORY’s worth hasn’t changed and it beats the market. It has shown remarkable growth, with a peak increase of 250%. As a result, it is widely regarded as a promising DeFi and Presale opportunity. Since then, there has been a rise in the number of Aptos, Tron, and Cosmos investors looking for Oryen-based investment opportunities.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen was created on the Binance Smart Chain. Its creators know the other decentralized finance platforms have encountered and have worked to avoid them.

Unlike Aptos, Tron, and Cosmos, Oryen Network stakers receive a constant APY of 90%. This annual percentage yield is the highest in the DeFi sector.

Oryen Network stakers will always have full access to their ORY tokens because of the unique method used to protect the stake’s private keys. In addition, every 60 minutes, as opposed to the standard 8 hours provided by other staking protocols, rebase incentives are transferred to users’ wallet addresses. 

Everything points to the fact that this is a long-term investment in which one can get in on the ground floor with a relatively modest sum and then enjoy watching it grow. Oryen is one of the best DeFi coins to buy right now, according to Reddit users and YouTube’s The DeFi Guys.


Aptos is an initiative built on the blockchain developed for Meta’s defunct web3 project (formerly Facebook). Its revolutionary infrastructure, which may ultimately outperform all other layer-one protocols, made its mainnet and token launch highly anticipated. However, compared to Oryen, Aptos has fewer features, so most Aptos investors are investing in ORY.


TRON is an open-source blockchain-based operating system that features smart contract functionality, a consensus algorithm based on proof-of-stake principles, and a token called Tronix. However, since Tron has been struck by the bear market and is not stable, its owners have begun looking into ORY for a safe and sound investment.


The Cosmos (ATOM) cryptocurrency drives and secures the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, which is made up of other blockchains built to scale and work together. Cosmos is a chain that uses proof of stake. Its creators published the Cosmos white paper to create an interoperable platform of open-source blockchains that could facilitate streamlined transactions between them. Unfortunately, there was an overnight 15% drop in the value of Cosmos (ATOM), and since then, it hasn’t recovered, prompting some ATOM holders to switch to ORY.


With its Oryen Autostaking Technic, which provides users with automated stacking and fixed APYs, Oryen is revolutionizing the stacking process. For this reason, Aptos, Tron, and Cosmos investors are pouring into an extraordinary Oryen network.

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