Oryen Network Finds Massive 100% Gains During Presale, How To Know If Ethereum Is Poised For More Upside?

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    The latest analysis shows ETH has a good chance of breaking out. Bullish cues have recently emerged from a classic technical setup called the cup and handle pattern. It forms when prices experience a U-shaped recovery, like a cup, and then a slight downward trend, the handle. All this happens while it retains a common resistance level called the neckline.

    The cup and handle pattern is often a sign of a bullish setup. Once its breaks out, Ethereum could be headed to the moon. However, there is yet to be a telling when that is. It could be in the next few days or the next few weeks. What is clear is that the second biggest crypto coin market cap is poised for big things.

    Oryen Network Records Massive Gains

    While Ethereum is showing signals of a bullish period, it will take some time to get there. One of the most promising projects for gains in a short timeframe is the Oryen Network, which recently saw +100% movement. That is a better performance than Ethereum will achieve in the short term.

    For investors looking to make some profits as they await Ethereum to grow, $ORY tokens are a good option. They are the native token of a great DeFi protocol that will revolutionize staking.

    Why Oryen Network is Special

    Oryen Network is a special protocol with a unique fixed APY 0f 90%, the highest fixed APY of any DeFi protocol. That means that investors will earn a daily compounding interest of 0.177%.

    Thus far, investors seeking an excellent opportunity to make huge returns fast have been piling into the Oryen Network. Huge interest in the tokens pushed the price up by 100%. That interest is growing. Once the presale stage is done, it will likely cause the price of tokens to at least double.

    It could turn $ORY token investors into overnight millionaires when that happens. Such an occurrence has happened before in the crypto world. A good example is Ethereum. When the ETH tokens launched, they were valued at a few pennies. Those who got into the project at the time made it big. Today, they are millionaires and the biggest influencers in the crypto world.

    They used their intuition to achieve their status, showing that their investment would pay off someday. The same could happen for $ORY investors. A small investment in the promising $ORY tokens will likely pay off big once the protocol goes live.

    Developers are working hard to ensure that by the time the project is live, the whole world will know about it. Consequently, $ORY token holders will not have to wait quietly as the world discovers the Oryen Network; instead, it will be an instant hit. Due to extensive awareness efforts, everyone will want a piece of the project when it goes live. No one will want to sit on the sidelines of the next step in the evolution of DeFi staking.

    Finding a gem in the crypto sector is rare these days. As a result, when a gem like Oryen Network comes along, one should be careful to be included.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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