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Ethereum and XRP Shine in the Crypto World, Orbeon Protocol Takes the Market by Storm with 1988% Increase During Presale

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Although Ethereum took a tumble from Friday’s Silvergate situation, it is now holding steady and as always, offers utility for the ever-developing use cases.  The heat between XRP v SEC continues to increase, but with a generally optimistic feel from the crypto community.  Orbeon Protocol, now in its 9th phase of presale, is this year’s shining star as the token price is up nearly 2000% from the initial price this project continues to gather momentum.


The Ethereum blockchain remains king and continues to innovate

The recent Silvergate situation has affected most cryptos in the market, causing a 5% drop for BTC and ETH, and similar falls for most altcoins.  But after everything crypto has been through, those in the industry know that there is no stopping Ethereum, the second biggest crypto by market cap and adoption, and the source of inspiration or even protocols for almost every blockchain that has smart contracts.

Although the price of ETH is down from its February highs, its deflationary mechanism is stronger than ever at 1.5%, a great longer-term sign.

The Shanghai upgrade has been delayed slightly but is now on track for early April, bringing benefits to liquid stakers, although that does beg the question, will stakers sell their rewards causing selling pressure?

Finally, in a move I certainly never expected to see, the Ethereum blockchain is introducing a new feature that makes it easier for users to recover crypto if they lose private keys. This is important as losing crypto keys is probably what every holder has the occasional nightmare about, with some experiencing this as a reality.

XRP steps closer to its fate as SEC v Ripple Labs comes to a conclusion

Ripple has the potential to be the poster child of crypto if it can win its long-standing lawsuit against the SEC. The question of whether XRP is or was security is highly important, and a negative outcome could be very bad for the larger industry, and equally a win could be very bullish. Ripple lawyers seem confident of a win, suggesting that a recent case held by the SEC is yet another proof that Ripple is in the right.

Interestingly, data analytics company Santiment noted the highest levels of crypto FUD they had ever seen this weekend, causing some to wonder if there are malicious actors behind the scenes.

Either way Ripple’s lawyers say that a decision is expected any day now.  Everyone interested in crypto will be waiting with bated breath.

Orbeon Protocol is poised to redefine investment in startups

Some have described Ethereum as ‘a decentralized computer’ and Ripple as a more efficient way to handle transactions for the entire banking system.  Orbeon Protocol is a smaller business but with equally big aims – to democratize finance and investing.  Orbeon Protocol is building a platform where startups can potentially raise money from a community of retail investors.  

Investing in early-stage companies is difficult or almost impossible for retail investors since these deals usually go on behind closed doors and require spending huge sums of money.  

Using Orbeon Protocol, equity or rewards will be tokenized in the form of an NFT.  This NFT will be fractionalised and then sold to people from Orbeon’s Community, for as little as a few dollars.  

ORBN has been in presale since late last year and is up by almost 2000% since it began.  Financial analysts have predicted that $0.24 is a realistic price target for ORBN, once it goes live on exchanges. This would mean a 60x gain from its initial prices.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale



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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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