Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Could Rise 60x in Presale, Whilst Hedera (HBAR) Struggles To Post Gains

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    There’s a new project emerging that is quickly becoming a favorite of the most experienced crypto investors. Orbeon Protocol is in stage 1 of its presale and is predicted to surge by over 60x, and with projects like Hedera seeing their HBAR token struggling to post any price growth, many are wondering whether Orbeon’s dramatic price forecast could represent a better opportunity.

    Orbeon Protocol – on course for 60x presale growth

    It’s not very often that a project comes along which generates the levels of excitement that Orbeon Protocol has seen recently. The compelling use cases it presents are stoking more excitement from investment experts of all stripes than was seen for HBAR years ago.

    Orbeon Protocol provides a way for high-potential start-ups to raise capital while also building a dedicated community in the process. This is possible through Orbeon Protocol’s functionality as a decentralized investment platform, in which startups  are minted as fractionalized NFTs which can be purchased by everyday investors for as low as $1.

    These equity-backed NFTs provide trustless ownership of the equity by the investors, meaning that there are no centralized entities who can interfere with the process. With the “Kill or Fill” security mechanism ensuring funds are immediately returned to investors if funding goals are not met, the Orbeon Protocol project aims to put the power of venture capital back in the hands of the people.

    The Orbeon ecosystem uses the ORBN token to power its usage — a pure utility token that enables users to access funding rounds and investment opportunities through the Orbeon Launchpad, as well as providing a whole host of other benefits, from discounts and cashback on trading on Orbeon Swap to exclusive group access and staking opportunities.

    It’s no wonder then that given the huge utility of ORBN and the impressive disruptor status of the Orbeon Protocol, the project is seeing 60x growth as a sure thing. 


    Hedera’s HBAR – Will it continue to struggle?

    The price of Hedera has seen some real issues over recent months. Despite some much-hyped use cases going live, the 50 billion token max supply continues to hold Hedera’s price down.

    There is much concern across even Hedera’s most passionate supporters that with HBAR token releases continuing for years, the price of Hedera is unlikely to see any appreciation in the near future. 

    Another factor holding back the price growth of Hedera is the high levels of competition. The project is effectively battling against not only public Layer-1 projects such as Ethereum and Solana but also private chains like Corda. This is some stiff competition for Hedera to gain market share.


    It’s clear that Orbeon Protocol presale shows signs of being a generational investment opportunity with much more upside than Hedera’s HBAR, and the market understands this — analysts have already issued forecasts that the token value of ORBN is likely to rise 6,000% just during the presale. 

    Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale


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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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