Crypto Blogger Announces Lineup of NFT Poems That Transform Into Houseplants

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Mar 1, 2021


Philadelphia- Planted Poems has announced an upcoming line of non-fungible token (NFT) poems that are printed on plantable paper and transform into houseplants. The series is the first of its kind to use plantable paper to print non-fungible tokens.

The sale will begin on March 11, 2021, at 10 am EDT on Signup for the email list on to receive the live link that day for the sale. These NFT poems are the first to implement QR on plantable paper as a medium. 


Plantable “ViFy” NFT Poems

Although the piece is ViFy (virtual and physical), once the poem is planted, the physical aspect of the poem token is transformed into a house plant and thus vanishes into the soil. One side of the plantable paper is a unique NFT poem. The other side of the paper is a QR code that scans to the token’s location on the blockchain. The owner of the physical NFT poem is also the owner of the virtual NFT. 

Poetry Series About Life in the Crypto Underground

The poetry focuses on themes like life in the crypto underground, pitfalls and triumphs of entrepreneurship, and coming of age in the post Bretton Woods era of the global economy.

The series is called Casual Morning Whiskey and is a debut for crypto blogger Drew Mailen (as seen in Bloomberg, The Street, Yahoo Finance, and Markets Insider). 

Debuted at Premiere NFT Conference in 2020

Mailen initially debuted the concept behind Planted Poems on Reddit and at the premiere NFT token event in New York over a year ago. He worked with the team at BountyBase to bring the project to life. 

“We initially debuted Planted Poems last year in New York as well as in the r/Ethereum community on Reddit to a surprisingly strong reception. This motivated us to continue prototyping and working on the design. We wanted to minimize the packaging and waste that goes into the poems down to the ink used for printing because crypto uses up a lot of energy the way it is,” Mailen said.

It’s been such a wild year all through which NFTs have become more and more mainstream. This time last year the space was still super small, it was easy to run into these people and companies who are now at the top of the NFT market cap lists. This time last year was right around when first the big M & A took place.

The only enterprise action was coming from like professional sports organizations. We are just blown away by how, now, NFT art is going for $6.6M and major auction houses started to accept crypto. These auctions are getting $1M in ten minutes [referring to the Beeple auction at Christies]. What a time to be alive. This crypto art industry moves faster than anything I’ve seen… maybe besides DeFi,” Mailen said. 

Details About the Sale 

The first poem drop will take place on March 11, 2021, at 10 am. Anyone on the Planted Poems email list will have a link sent to them at the time of the sale. To sign up for the email list, go to

About Planted Poems

Planted Poems partners with artists to produce crypto art on plantable paper. It started in 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. More information about PlantedPoems as well as the sign up for the email list can be found at 

Contact details:

[email protected]

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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