MyCointainer: Celebrating the Listing of 100+ Assets

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Feb 9, 2021


MyCointainer is an online automatic staking and masternode staking platform that offers various Proof of Stake coins that users can freely enjoy. The service is a simple one-in-all platform where people can choose the best PoS coins and get staking rewards from multiple crypto assets at once. It aims to make crypto investing and earning as simple as possible.     

In its recent update, MyCointainer announced new partnerships from different crypto projects. This means that members of the platform will have more investment options and support the asset they would like to be part of the network. Cryptocurrencies differ on objectives and usage, so does their rate of return. 

Below is the list of new coins added and its corresponding numerical information:

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2)€123,754,416,66315%
Synthetix (SNX)€1,656,536,75236.9%
Avalanche (AVAX)€813,697,67313%
Secret (SCRT)€66,646,86928.4%
Cartesi (CTSI)€11,885,38670%

MyCointainer is proud to announce the marking of its 100+ asset listings. These assets would lead to staking rewards and a positive means of earning from passive income investments. Compound interest for the rewards are being applied to all assets, hence generating a more favorable return to the holders.

Modify your coin portfolio by choosing different staking assets. This will balance risk and rewards from cryptocurrency caused by high volatility of price movements. 

There is more to come as MyCointainer continuously aggregates the best PoS coins around the crypto sphere. All assets being supported undergoes extreme background research and detailed analysis to provide a safe staking environment for everyone. 

Apart from the latest diversified coins offered, new community initiatives had started. The most active members to contribute on different campaigns occasions will have the opportunity to stake these assets for free for a whole month. 100% rewards from staking will be all yours to keep just by activating your POWER code on your account. 


POWER code is the latest reward system given to participating members during a live campaign. 

The simplest way to earn it is to stay connected with MyCointainer’s social media accounts and watch out for the release of new giveaway promos.

Especially for the CoinPedia community MyCointainer has prepared a campaign, thanks to which, with the code: COINPEDIA, users are able to receive 100% rewards from staking by following the simple steps that can be found below.

CoinPedia POWER codes distribution

Other, last 2 activities were to share your #cryptostories and tell us your #MyCointainerFavoriteCoin. It doesn’t get any more difficult than these. Mind that these giveaways are offered for a limited time only and a first-come, first-serve basis. 

MyCointainer Youtube Channel

The easiest way to give the new members a walkthrough of the platform is to use a video tutorial. From the basic steps as to account opening and submit KYC documents for verification. As the user gets comfortable browsing MyCointainer website, a video on how to deposit/stake a certain coin will be handy. And lastly, upon earning your rewards from staking, a how-to withdraw your coin tutorial will come fit.

Aside from staking, MyCointainer offers built-in Exchange pairings. You can purchase your favorite crypto coin using Fiat, BTC, or USDT. The YT channel also offers a brief guide on how to buy BTC using Fiat on the platform.  

New Partnerships, New Giveaways

From time to time, new partnerships are created thus expanding the platform’s integration in the staking network. It is a usual activity of MyCointainer to promote the project by giving away the named coin upon completion of the tasks required done by the participants.   

Cartesi (CTSI) By MyCointainer

To celebrate the recent partnership with the Cartesi Team, they are giving away over 22000CTSI in prizes. 120 random users picked to win 100CTSI coins each (valued at $6). The deposit round will guarantee an additional 200CTSI coins to the first 50 people who deposit at least $100 worth of any coin.

Join MyCointainer and experience a world-class staking platform. Make an impact for a better crypto economy.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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