Most Trending Meme Coin Toon Finance Locks in Twitter HQ Billboard

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Internet memes have turned out to be not only sources of entertainment but also an avenue for investment. Their attractiveness is directly attached to the humorous nature of these meme coins that have gained a lot of media and public attention. Meme coins such as Toon Finance are increasingly becoming dominant in the world of NFTs, where new economic activities are continuously emerging. 

Elon Musk who now owns Twitter is a huge crypto supporter. Rumors have been circulating that Elon and Toon Finance may partner in the hottest known meme project collaboration around the world. Toon Finance has already purchased the Billboard which is right next to Twitter’s Headquarters in San Francisco California. This will be the 10th Billboard to go up for Toon Finance which is causing the coin to go viral in the United States as well as India. Toon Finance is most likely the most successful presale coin to date since DOGE and Shiba INU coin dropped their ICOs years back when the meme coins just began to blow. 

The fact that meme coins usually start as internet jokes should be a typical deterrent to any investment decisions, but the insights become clearer considering the role of NFTs in the fast-growing metaverse. Whether a joke or not, you should not miss the chance to be part of the metaverse and investing in NFTs is the gateway to this exciting new world. 

Additionally, meme coins appear to have usurped the stereotypes of having small circulating supplies as they currently attract immense attention on various crypto trading platforms. The explosion of the NFTs market and an ever-increasing user base should be a significant encouragement to join the meme coins bandwagon. 

NFTs are an interesting asset class for your investment portfolio if you are really into the world of blockchain and its associated technologies. The emergence of various Web3.0 marketplaces has seen the explosion of NFTs, with Toon Finance ($TFT NFT) being a recent addition. 

Toon Finance meme coin has been continuously gaining attention and competing with the likes of Elon Musk’s associated DogeCoin. It is currently the number one meme coin on and has gained immense traction as it transcends to the top of the list. More detailed data on TFT can be obtained from, including the price, trading volume and market capitalization. 

Suppose you are considering investing in meme coins, Toon Finance should top your list since it has great utility and enjoys the support of an amazing community, a great team of artists and blockchain professionals. Toon Finance has been garnering attention on the CoinMarketCap (CMC), and the trend is expected to rise, given that the coin is just a new entrant in the crypto world. It has accumulated millions of searches on Google and appears among the lists of best meme coins. 

As Toon Finance blasts through Stage 1 of the presale, hype and media attention have been accumulating and might be elemental to the success of their Stage 2 ICO presale. This year, its stage 1 ICO presale has been immensely successful, raising over $3 million within a week.

Important Features of Toon Finance (DeFI)

The Toon Finance ecosystem is centered on the need to avail DeFi to the masses, and its important components include a Space Exchange, Space Grounds, Space Farming and Space Bridge.

1.      Space Exchange

Space Exchange is a flagship product from Toon Finance that is not similar to any other DeFi platform offered by the market. It is anchored on simplicity and a modest learning curve that provides exceptional service for crypto and non-crypto users. The platform has been designed to increase the user base for DeFi and other cryptocurrencies by minimizing industry-related barriers. In addition, technical assistance is availed to traders to mitigate challenges and make the platform more competitive.

2.      Space Farming

Space Farming is another exciting feature for investors and serves as a yield-farming platform where investors are rewarded for their cryptocurrency investments. The farming term is associated with the main activity in the Space Pool, where an investor stakes crypto assets to be used in minting new coins. Its yield farming activities are extremely optimized based on the size of the contribution and stake duration. If you are a new investor, examining the risks involved in this activity is advisable before offering to participate.

3.      Space Grounds

Space Grounds is a third feature of the Toon Finance ecosystem and serves as a game where users play against random members and receive exciting rewards. Again, the development team has invested in creating secure algorithms to support the Space battleground metaverse. This feature is among the most exciting elements of the Toon Finance ecosystem since it guarantees you an immersive experience in P2E gaming.

4.      Space Bridge

You might also be interested in a fourth feature of the Toon Finance ecosystem, whose major function is enabling communication and interoperability between separate blockchain networks. Interoperability has also been a concern in diverse systems and will suit the needs of different users. This feature, the Space Bridge, entails a Web3.0 solution and serves as a value and data exchange interface between blockchain networks. The multiplicity of available blockchain solutions implies that this feature is a critical addition to the ecosystem and will be extensively elemental in enhancing usability. It will enable you to connect with your friends in crypto transactions since it can connect different assets, protocols or dApps. Space exchange relies on the increasingly valuable smart contracts characterizing the metaverse to create trustless connections between separate blockchains. Therefore, your NFT enthusiast friends and colleagues do not necessarily need to join similar blockchain platforms to transact with you.

Toon Finance ICO

Investors have long been accustomed to IPOs, but it is about time to get used to ICOs. The capital raising activity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is regarded as an ICO and is similar to IPOs, with one exception, it uses cryptocurrencies. ICOs are a significant improvement since they offer investors a direct connection to the company and ensure the alignment of the interests of all parties. 

Toon Finance has already raised over 3.5 MIL USD in their 1st and 2nd round of presale. Listed on several major websites such as and this coin is by far the most trending ICO in the industry. 

Individuals considering participating in an ICO should be aware that there are private and public ICOs with significant differences between the two. Private ICOs allow a limited number of investors and are a preserve for accredited investors. Companies may also consider setting minimum investment amounts for private ICOs. 

If you are an enthusiast investor, the public ICO might be your cup of tea as it is meant for the general public. It is a form of crowdfunding as anyone can become an investor subject to the existing regulatory guidelines. 

The Toon Finance NFT project consists of 1 billion tokens, and half the number will be available to investors for presale. It is among the biggest coins of the year that has attracted significant attention on the and platforms.

Why Toon Finance ICO will be a Success in the Meme Coin Trade

The Toon Finance ICO has already shown signs of tremendous success as it is fast selling out. This ICO runs on the Toon Finance official website, and the presale will be held in 9 consecutive stages. 

The ICO is currently at the second stage, and if you are an early participant, you will receive time-fractionated percentages after completing the presale stages. Thereafter, the tokens will go live on Ethereum Blockchain. 

Toon Finance is destined to succeed since it is anchored on a decentralized trading approach. This approach incurs low transaction fees as you can easily exchange your Ethereum tokens at low rates and disconnect your wallet anytime. The absence of tedious registration procedures alongside the increasing availability of real-time aggregated data through TFT’s fast servers implies that users can make safe and secure exchanges in a short period. This aspect is among the major factors defining Toon Finance’s success by facilitating efficient exchanges. 

The decentralized nature of the platform should also be an important encouragement to investors because it eliminates the possibility of misplacing customer data. Additionally, it eliminates the need to collect customer data which is another vantage point in this data-centered society. 

NFT enthusiasts worried about selling their data should be delighted by this option. Toon Finance ICO is also destined to be a success given its numerous integrations, such as Space Grounds which offers various blockchain battles, including the Checkers Battle and Coin Battle.

The imminent success of Toon Finance Meme Coin can also be directly attributed to its design features focused on addressing the flaws in current P2E games. Toon Finance introduces a P2E Metaverse with Player vs. Player Battle Grounds. An integrated leaderboard system is also set to be implemented, and users at the top of the ranks will continuously receive NFT Airdrops. 

This revelation is great news for MMORPG enthusiasts as Toon Finance has already created a set of 10000 NFTs that will be airdropped to the first batch of Toon Army members. Toon Finance targets to raise $20 million, and over 10% of the amount has already been raised in the initial weeks of the presale. 

Crypto market experts predict that TFT will be the next 1000x meme coin blow like its alternatives SHIB and DOGE. If you are yet to make up your mind, it might be valuable to consider investing in TFT, as many investors regard it as the most promising coin. The TFT project will also open a DEX swap ecosystem to enhance the user experience. Since the coin has already been listed on many ICOs, its success is guaranteed as many people can easily access the NFT. 

The other advantage of Toon Finance is that it is more than just a crypto market. It offers exceptionally great diversity in that users can deal with DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse and the immense benefits of MMORPGs by simply purchasing TFTs. Having been labeled as the most promising coin of 2022, many investors and individuals are flocking to the platform to purchase the meme coin. 

This success aspect has been extensively visualized in the ICO presale results. The presale is open to both investors and private purchases. Its predicted success should give you the much-needed encouragement to join the team of early investors and enjoy the huge benefits associated with this status. Given that the meme coin is set to launch additional products in the future, you might never know what other advantages you might get by being among the early investors.

  • Reasons to Consider Taking Part in the Toon Finance Stage 2 ICO Presale

Toon Finance is an emerging ecosystem that offers simplicity in DeFi by offering a one-stop shop to trade, exchange and bridge cryptocurrencies. It is a project launched by a team of blockchain developers and market leaders to fix the externalities around P2E gaming. 

If you are interested in NFTs and want to avoid the challenges of navigating different platforms to make your transaction, then Toon Finance is the best option. It is an advantageous platform because you can comfortably exchange your Ethereum tokens without encountering any safety and security concerns.

How to Participate in the Toon Finance Stage 2 ICO Presale

You will need to create a crypto wallet, buy Ethereum, and then connect your crypto wallet to Toon Finance to buy TFT in the presale. An Ethereum-based crypto wallet is necessary, and one can use MetaMask or any other wallet to make purchases. MetaMask is deemed a great option since it enables a seamless user experience. 

As a new user, you should be careful with your Seed Phrase since it serves as the access key to your assets. It is similar to your PIN in the real world and will be crucial, especially if you lose access to your device. 

Ethereum purchases in the TFT presale can be made through ETH coins. One needs enough Ethereum in the crypto wallet to cover gas fees and the cost of TFTs to proceed with the purchase on any credible DEX or CEX. After connecting your wallet to Toon Finance, you should be able to buy TFT tokens by entering the preferred investment amount in the presale box. At the end of the presale, early investors will claim their tokens.

It is important to conversate with TFT price predictions when participating in the ICO. The demand for TFT will increase as more products and features are rolled out since the demand for the token will take off and boost its value. Current predictions indicate that the TFT price is already rising thanks to various top-tier DEX and CEX partnerships. 

Given that the platform will burn about 10% of the total liquidity before providing liquidity pairs, the TFT price will potentially rise by the first half of 2023 after the launch of various new features and products. Therefore, if you believe in the viability of Toon Finance, you should consider making your purchase at these initial presale stages. 

Taking part in a presale is one of the best decisions ever, as it offers the lowest prices. TFT is also a potentially great investment given the large DeFi ecosystem, utility-rich roadmaps, strong online presence and support from multidisciplinary market leaders and blockchain developers. Obtaining information about TFTs should be one of the easiest activities, given the presence of numerous global communities.

Disclaimer: This is a press release post. Coinpedia does not endorse or is responsible for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.
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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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