Minexcoin risen up the boundaries of cryptocurrency Mass adoption

Minexcoin announces ICO

Minexcoin announces ICO (Initial Cryptocurrency Offering) on May 15th, 2017 (GMT) and will available till 30days. This comprises of 150000 MinexCoins availability.
In this process, the total sum of all coins will be disseminated and then exchange rate of it will be calculated at the end. A maximum amount of 1500 BTC can be donated with this ICO and after what, it will be closed. It is good to note here, prior to December 2016, MinexCoin has already gained 1127 BTC via their first round (pre-ICO).
Amidst the first days, contributors will obtain the half of bonus investment, The MinexCoin is missioned to reward those contributors who trust and provide their resource early in this ICO.

Investors have been provided with the comprehensive info on the team as well as a roadmap.
The team: meet-minexcoin-team-advisors- and-partners-10a0c814843b
White paper: download/wpeng.pdf
Moreover, Minexcoin is envisioned to build the first digital assets which in future will be utilized as currency via blockchain technology advantage.
MinexEcosystm will be supporting the growth of MinexCoin, which will be accompanied by a great range of services (Volatility control, digital asset creation, trading and so on). This is specifically designed to facilitate coins wide adoption.
According to SHULYAEV-MinexCoin CEO; It is the first blockchain based cryptocurrency, envisioned with a required feature to make this currency a stable one. The entire ecosystem and embedded vision derive a new era of the payment.
Research says, there is no doubt whether or not the project completes the second round. It is because a solid amount of investment has already been raised.
Do you also want to be a part Minexcoin by contributing and investing to the project’s success?
Company name: MinexSystems
Company site:
Contact Id: [email protected]

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