LandDAO Innovating The Digital Land Market One Step At A Time

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On Thursday, March 31st, LandDAO will be dropping free $LAND tokens for the metaverse landowners.

As mentioned, any landowner from the pre-selected 21 metaverses will be able to participate and receive their rightful share.

However, those in the welcome list will have access to the tokens 24 hours before the drop. Visit for the full list of the 21 metaverses selected. 

LandDAO is an investment platform enabling everyone to own and manage their metaverse lands. This is all possible via fractionalized index pools and protocol governance through DAO.

LandDAO and DLS (the parent organization of LandDAO) have a holistic business model involving several directions and products, all of them interlinked and sustaining each other.

The interconnectivity of the products is as follows:

DLS is building a marketplace for metaverse lands, which will incorporate custom tools to assist people in finding and closing bargain/strategic deals in the best way possible.

For instance, today, finding a suitable land is like a shot in the dark. DLS will help people discover interconnected lands or estates from individual listings and give them a helping hand in acquiring the land they desire.

The land valuation tool will provide useful information on whether land is over or undervalued considering all sorts of different variables that the tool accounts for

LandDAO, on the other hand, offers simple index pools, allowing anyone to invest and gain exposure to metaverse lands with the majority of the index pool terms coded into the smart contract.

Additionally, LandDAO will launch pools with professional asset/property managers who will bring their proprietary models, tools, and knowledge and combine it with the custom tools developed by DLS to gain an edge on the market.

LandDAO will serve as a platform/medium offering the required infrastructure and network to property management firms to join the platform, invest and trade metaverse lands, identify undervalued assets, hot districts and otherwise bargain deals.

As for the $LAND token, the holders who stake (lock) their tokens will get voting power within the DAO and become eligible for a share of LandDAO’s platform revenue, as well as the staking rewards.  

So, $LAND token stakers will yield three benefits: together with $LAND rewards (from staking rewards allocation), the share of the pool Management Fee (initially 40%), and share of the Success Fee (initially 50%) will be distributed among $LAND stakers perpetually. 

So, on top of the $LAND token earnings – awarded for staking $LAND, the stakers will also earn ETH for their staked $LAND from the platform fees.

So if you own a land parcel in the metaverse, this is your chance to claim the $LAND tokens and join the family of the Digital Landowners Society. The metaverse awaits you!

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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