Lambo Or Ferrari?: How Gnox (GNOX), Kadena (KDA) And Symbol (XYM) May Just Be Your Ticket To Financial Freedom

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Jul 7, 2022


So are you going to buy a Lambo or Ferrari with your crypto-millions? You might think your chance to get rich from crypto has gone with the current bear market in full swing—but that isn’t really the case. There’s still a ton of cash to be made in crypto. You just have to know where to look. Remember those stories about people spending 20 Bitcoin on a pizza way when it was worth peanuts? That sure worked out as one expensive pizza. Getting into a crypto when it’s still that small, before it moons: that’s the dream. Everyone is searching for the next big coin. And one of these three cryptos could be the next big thing. Just don’t buy a pizza with them (save it for a Lambo).

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox could be your ticket to financial freedom in more ways than one. So if you’re saving for that Ferrari or Lambo, you might need to check it out quickly, as it’s already up over 63% in just a few short weeks. And that’s an astounding rise when you consider how much of the rest of the market has been performing recently.

Gnox also has great potential not just for short-term price variations, but also because of long-term fundamentals and the ability for regular investors to earn real passive income from their holdings. By introducting Yield Farming as a Service, a treasury of funds is invested on GNOX holders’ behalves, without GNOX holders themselves having to get involved in the management of these investments. And when things like staking or liquidity pooling are often hard to understand for these newcomers, this makes GNOX the perfect option if you just want passive income gains with none of the stress. Simply by holding GNOX in the long-term, you’ll get a much more simplified way to earn returns on your investments.

Gnox is still in pre-sale, and is available at a discount for those who are interested. And it’s all these aspects that are making more and more people interested in GNOX every day.


With more and more crypto projects moving away from traditional mining and towards proof of stake instead, Kadena is unique in being an up-and-coming crypto that you can still mine profitably. That’s why many miners are switching their rigs to KDA as mining options become more limited. And even if you don’t want to mine KDA, there’s still good price potential, currently available at around $1.48 which is arguably a huge discount from all-time highs.

Symbol (XYM)

Symbol’s main ethos goal is to promote inter-compatibility between different blockchains. And in a crypto world that’s often complicated when switching or transferring between coins or projects on different chains, it’s incredibly well placed for a good future. As the native token on the Symbol platform, XYM continues to have good price potential despite some losses in recent weeks. Analysts are still predicting this crypto could have a ton of upside.


We like GNOX, Kadena and Symbol in the crypto world right now. Could they be your ticket to financial freedom, or even a Lambo?

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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