Kind Koalas NFT – Large Scale Multiplayer P2E Metaverse Game

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Jan 26, 2022


Kind Koalas NFT – Large Scale Multiplayer P2E Metaverse Game

The NFT world is rapidly evolving, and it is exceedingly difficult to keep up with all of the new projects that are being released on various blockchain platforms on a daily basis. Various NFT projects are broadening their appeal to customers by including additional functionality that distinguishes their collection from the continuously rising throng.

One NFT project that is particularly enticing to novice investors is Kind Koalas. They just published their 2022 roadmap, which includes the launch of a large-scale multiplayer game with a variety of game types. Kind Koalas might be the next big thing in the NFT world, so let’s have a gander at what’s going on.

Sorry but – What exactly is Kind Koalas?

Kind Koalas is a 2D NFT project that will be for sale at a starting price of 0.5 Solana per NFT. The project will be one of the first blockchain games to be released on the Solana Blockchain.

Owning one of these NFTs will allow you to use them as a character in their upcoming game, Kaali. It’s absolutely something to look forward to; we’ve seen some early glimpses of what their game will be about, and it’s truly wonderful.

Their plans for 2022

We are just in January 2022, and Kind Koalas has some exciting ideas for the future of the NFT project, including many rewards and features for the community and those wishing to join them.

The Kind Koala 2D NFT collection will be available on January 30th. This will be a very modest drop, consisting of only 2020 NFTs. The project’s developers organized a presale and whitelist sale, which sold out in less than a day, with over 250 NFTs sold. On January 30th, the remaining NFTs will be available for purchase by everyone.

These 3D Koalas can be used in their upcoming multiplayer game that inhabits their custom metaverse world. We’ve obtained some unique information on their game, and it’s incredible.

Their game Kaali will have a variety of side games, which are best described as game types that may be played independently of the main game. An example of a Kaali side game is Escape Kamoun which is a competitive climbing platformer game where your objective is to reach the top (and escape Kamoun) as fast as possible to earn a reward.

Another side game we can now reveal is their Kevola Flight side game, which is a 2.5D game in which you must fly a custom aircraft while avoiding obstacles and incoming missiles. This game will be playable in single player or cooperatively, and it will have a level-based advancement system with in-game upgrades for your character and aircraft.

Get engaged with Kind Koalas

Where do I buy or mint a Kind Koala NFT?

After successfully launching their pre-sale, they are preparing for their public mint on January 30th. We’ve compiled a summary of some of their most significant details so you’re set for January 30th:

  • Mint Date: January 30th at 2 PM UTC
  • Mint Price: 0.5 Solana

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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