Huobi Primelist’s Third Project MoNo Finance (MoNo), Value Increases 2,975% in Record Time

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Nov 27, 2021


MoNo Finance (MoNo), the third project from Huobi Primelist, launched on Thursday, 25th November 2021 with an opening price of $0.40 Tether (USDT). Within 15 minutes of open trading, MoNo tokens surged an incredible 2,975%, peaking at $11.99 USDT.

Huobi Primelist provides a seamless and unique way for investors to access the latest crypto projects matched with enticing price incentives. Similar to previous events, users can purchase new assets by queuing for numbered tickets or holding HT tokens. 

According to the data released by Huobi, approximately 271,000 users participated in the event through queuing, of which 4,000 were able to purchase 125 MONO each, which is valued at approximately $1,487.5 USDT, based on an all time high (ATH) of $11.9 USDT.

More than 29.89 million Huobi Tokens were held by participants and 1,000,000 MONO tokens were sold during the event. The value of which was $400,000 USD, based on the opening price and $11.99  million USD based on the highest price. The annualized rate of return (APY) of holding HT is as high as 1,331% based on the highest price.

“When we select our project partners, investors’ expectations and requirements are at the forefront of our strategy. What impressed us was the overall performance of the three selected projects: Not only did they surge an impressive 2,000% within 15 minutes of going live, they’ve also maintained a steady price.” said Ciara Sun, Head of Listing and Blockchain Investment.


Image: The performance of IMX, NGL, and MONO as of Nov 26, 2021.

“From NFT’s to GameFi and DeFi, the assets we chose reflect our efforts in catering to the needs and interests of our investors. The wealth of financial opportunities available through Huobi Primelist is gaining significant attention. We will therefore continue to offer bespoke initiatives and tailored benefits to our growing community.” added Ms Sun. 

As part of its global strategy, Huobi will introduce further high-quality projects on its Primelist platform, as a unique way to incentivise the community and enhance its HT ecosystem.

The 4th Huobi Primelist

The next token to be listed on Huobi Primelist, will be Biconomy (BICO), a relayer infrastructure network and transaction superhighway for Web 3.0.  

Designed to reduce friction between blockchain applications and end-users, Biconomy provides plug & play APIs that allow decentralized apps (dApps) to become accessible to anyone regardless of their crypto knowledge and experience.

Its multi-chain relayer infrastructure processes almost 50K daily transactions for 70+ web 3.0, DeFi and NFT dApps to ensure all the benefits of web3.0 come with the intuitiveness of web2.0. 

Starting 10:00 (UTC) on Wednesday 1st December, users will be able to purchase BICO assets on Huobi Primelist through queuing for numbered tickets or holding Huobi Tokens. 

How to Participate

Method 1: Users who hold a minimum of 50 USDT can purchase BICO tokens through queuing on 1st December. There will be 6,000 lucky users holding numbered tickets between 1 and 6,000 who can acquire 50 USDT worth of BICO tokens.

Method 2: Users who hold a minimum average of 300 HT over the three days from 16:00 (UTC) on 27th November to 15:59:59 (UTC) on 30th November will be able to purchase BICO tokens on 1st December. The system will automatically execute the orders and distribute new assets to each participant, based on the formula below:

The number of new assets distributed to each user = The order amount of a participant (USDT) /the order amount of all participants(USDT)* The number of new assets offered by the platform

To enter the event, users can simply log in on the event page and hold HT and USDT to purchase new assets. Forty minutes after the promotion ends, users will be able to trade BICO on Huobi Global. To learn more about the promotion, click here.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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