HorsX Technology’s Amazing Presale Rewards Are Here

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Horsx Technology is excited to announce a package of benefits for its loyal members which include a sponsored trip to Dubai, a lucrative airdrop, daily giveaways, and competitive referral rewards.

The aim of these programs is to empower its community and increase the adoption of HRX, its native token. Also, these benefits accompany the presale ICO which is ongoing.

HorsX technology’s presale phase is divided into three stages, with each period having a different sale price. A total of 5 million HRX is on offer for the first phase at a price of 0.25 BUSD.

This phase is set to end on 15 January 2022, when the second phase commences. During the second presale phase, starting from 15 January and ending on 20 January 2021, the price of the HRX will be 0.4 BUSD.

However, during the third phase of the presale, running from 20 to 25 January 2021, the sale price will be 0.6 BUSD. 

The minimum buying amount is 125 BUSD and if anybody buy from BNB there is no minimum or maximum buying limit. You can get more details on the presale

The Benefits when you participate

HorsX technology is providing two great benefits to the people who participate in the presale ICO, which ends on 25 January.

The first offering is the Dubai Trip where the top 5 HRX holders will have a fully sponsored trip to Dubai, at the end of the ICO period. 

As if that is not enough, HorsX Technology is giving away a total of $25 to two top holders of HRX tokens every day within the presale period. The top holder will pocket $15 while the second one will have $10.

In addition, buyers of the HRX token, during the ICO period, have some incentives for buying certain quantities. For example, if you buy 1000, you get 5% extra tokens.

When you buy 2 000 HRX you get 12% additional tokens. And when you purchase 5 000 HRX tokens, you get 20% of the amount you purchased as a thank you.  

This is not the only way in which HorsX Technology is plowing back to its community. It also has competitive referral rewards, giving almost everyone the opportunity to amass the HRX tokens.

The individual who refers another one to join HorsX Technology will receive 3% of the number of tokens which his/her invitee purchases. As a fact, the referral person’s wallet address is his/her referral code.

HorsX Technology has also launched an airdrop program where everyone can participate. Each one of the first 2 000 people to complete the airdrop form will get 50 HRX.

These tokens will be distributed a month after the end of the presale ICO.

Join airdrop via the form:–WNi-0Osy2ToUh7TXI1DK1BJlY0HpiqXOzZPT9aejs/edit

Siddhesh Jaiswal, CEO and Co-founder of HorsX Technology commented: “We are a community centric decentralized organization which values its members and wants to move along with them. This is the reason why we are giving our community so many benefits as a thank you for the unwavering support we are getting. We aim to keep this relationship strong as the project progresses.”

About HorsX Technology

HorsX is a multi-product blockchain-based project focused on trending services. Its major products include cryptocurrency exchange, NFT launchpad, and marketplace.

HorsX which exists on the Binance Smart Chain has its native token (HRX) with a maximum supply of 50 million. Among its major milestones are the introduction of the Metaverse gaming platform, mobile wallet application, and the HorsX Smart Chain.

Locked HorsX token on DXsale

30 million HorsX token has been locked on Dxsale

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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