Healthureum: Apex Blockchain Based Solution for Healthcare Management Systems

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Jan 18, 2018


Cryptocurrencies are the new buzzword. Everyone from your office co-workers to the people you meet on public transport are now talking about cryptocurrencies. The craze has hit an all-time high. However, cryptocurrencies are all about the technology that powers them. A new blockchain based system is here to solve various problems faced by the existing healthcare systems. This is the Healthureum platform which comes with the HHEM cryptocurrency.

Healthureum is a blockchain based solution that will help solve various problems of the healthcare industry. Of late there has been a lack of faith due to various malpractices in healthcare. Healthureum will help bring in more transparency in the healthcare system as well as infuse more trust between the system and the users.

Healthureum provides solutions such as a better inventory management, a better and faster means of payment, a more secure place to store all healthcare records, as well as a place where doctors can be contacted and consulted with ease. The system comes with its own cryptocurrency – the HHEM cryptocurrency token as well. It is using this cryptocurrency token that all payments will take place on the platform.

This video will provide more information on the Healthureum network:

Understanding The Healthureum Platform: Healthureum was first conceptualized back in the September of 2016 when a team of experts from various fields and of various nationalities came together to discuss this technology which is all set to reform the way healthcare functions. The Healthureum platform is all set to bring in a change in the way we know healthcare infrastructures to be. Here’s a glimpse at some of the key features of this Ethereum based platform and why it is the key to increasing transparency:

  • Faster, Safer means of payment: 

    The healthureum platform provides a faster and safer means of payment with the help of the HHEM cryptocurrency token. The token, similar to Bitcoins carries a monetary value. Patients no longer need to pay in cash or via bank as these tokens would be deducting from the patient’s account when they charges for a healthcare relating service. This is a faster, better and safer means of payment than traditional cash based transfers. However, patients would be given an exact breakdown of all that they have been paying for.

  • Easier way to connect with doctors

    Healthureum also allows patients to easily connect with the doctors for consultation from wherever they are. These could be video calls too and the doctors can consult the patients. The patients would be charging via HHEM tokens which would pay for the doctor’s time and consultancy.

  • Improved Inventory Management

    The system would keep track of the stock and the inventory at the hospital and would automatically reorder the items which are falling low on supply. The payment to the vendors would be on via the HHEM cryptocurrency tokens. However, this eliminates the middle men and makes the process more transparent

  • Privacy and Record Keeping

    Medical records need to be store private. That is one of the biggest needs of the hour as people often tend to misplace them. If these records fall in the wrong hands they can use for malicious purposes. Moreover, these medical records help keep the doctors updated on the patient’s medical conditions. These records are also using for insurance claims, etc. These need to be safe and what better than a blockchain based system to keep things safe.

  • Philanthropy

    Philanthropy plays a major part in healthcare systems. The blockchain based technology offers users with an easy way of making philanthropic donations using the HHEM cryptocurrency token with ease.

For more details on the Healthureum platform, do check out the website at

Note: This press release is for an informational purpose only. Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. Thereby, readers are advised to consider company’s policy & T&C before making any investment.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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