A Beginner’s Guide to the BitMarket Network

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Mar 3, 2021


After the first international payment system Bitcoin emerged in 2009, public interest in cryptocurrencies has increased greatly in the past decade. More and more people understand that the best and safest way to keep money is by electronic cash.

There are currently a huge number of different currency wallets, but they very rarely combine the clarity and simplicity in interface, reliability, and convenience in service at the same time.

What is BitMarket Network Client? At present this is a project of the desktop (local) blockchain wallet in the alpha version or in its active development stage. Such purses are better than others for everyday use, sending and getting money.

They are also more secure than online services with a high risk of cyber-attacks because of the operating system’s vulnerability and phishing – interfering in the personal accounts with a view to stealing confidential information. Let’s take a closer look at the application characteristics.


In BitMarket Network Client this is provided with:

  • Two-factor authorization (2FA) – an additional level of defense, ensuring that only user would have the access to his account, even if the password is known to someone else;
  • 12-digit seed-phrase – excludes the probability of brute-force cyberattack with hacking accounts; allows users to recover a forgotten password;
  • Open source – means that all private keys are available only to their owners and stored in the network memory;
  • Limited access of developers to the application storage and personal data;
  • Full anonymity of payments – the server hides IP-addresses, that makes it impossible to recognize the client making transaction;


The BitMarket Network Client ensures this by:

  • Comfortable UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) – the application has carefully crafted visual details: buttons, colors, fonts; a guarantee of a very pleasant personnel service and the product with a high quality;
  • No registration and verification during the first usage;
  • 3 in one:
  1. multi currency – rapidly switching from one coin to another. In BitMarket Network Client there is an opportunity in operating with bitcoins (BTC), litecoins (LTC) and other common cryptocurrencies in the near future;
  2. multilingualism – the international service supports English, Russian and many other languages worldwide very soon;
  3. cross-platform – the wallet will be available on all popular platforms and devices: Win / Mac OS X / Linux, iOS, Android;
  • Automatic updating of the cryptocurrency rate according to the latest reliable data;
  • Availability of the service anywhere and anytime – the operation of the wallet does not depend on the country, Internet connection, time of day;
  • Absence of interfering advertising and imposition of paid services;
  • Low commission rates and transaction fees;
  • Technical support 24 hours a day. If you need support or have any questions about using this blockchain wallet, but you could not find the answers you need, you can contact the service developers on the website;

What is the advantage of BitMarket Network Client over other wallets?

Firstly, with this application you do not have to use several wallets for operating with different cryptocurrencies. This service allows you to make transactions in several types of currency simultaneously. The most common ones are already available – Bitcoins and Litecoins. Besides, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash are also coming soon. 

Secondly, being a BitMarket Network client  you can get away from cash and plastic cards forever. The new application is promised to be supported on all mobile phones, computers and tablets. Whether you are walking around the city or flying on an airplane, you can always make payment in cryptocurrency or coins by using this application.

At the moment, the  BitMarket Network project, as already mentioned, is under development. Now the staff consists of very experienced developers and professional programmers and from various IT-spheres. If you are satisfied with this crypto wallet project and want to speed up its launching, you can contribute to it. This can be a donation or any other assistance to the company.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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