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    In the growing market of NFTs and cryptocurrency, you will be experiencing many new coins and NFTs. Nowadays, many crypto companies are offering unique NFT characters, and their ideas are different. One NFT company that has been making some noise in the market is the Toon Finance Coin. 

    During its presale round, the Toon Coin broke some unexpected records. The high demand from investors and such good rates attracted many people worldwide. Toon Finance Coin is not only an NFT but also a meme coin, a new digital asset in the market. 

    Even various NFT holders even bought some Toon Finance Coins during the presale. For example, many NFT holders got their hands on Toon Finance Coin during the presale. 

    So what is the hype all about, and what attracted the NFT holders of Toon Finance Coin?

    What Was The Toon Finance Coin Presale About?

    Many people who missed the presale now wonder about the hype. Let’s start from the beginning to help you understand it better. 

    Toon Finance Coin is one of the latest crypto and NFT companies entering the market. However, Toon Finance is not like any other cryptocurrency company. Before the presale, the company announced their plans and what they plan on achieving. 

    Toon Finance is ECR20 compliant, they have made a Toon Finance Protocol. This will help investors and crypto lovers deal with all types of digital assets, including NFT, through their platform. They can sell, buy or trade digital assets through the Toon Finance Protocol. 

    Not only this made their presale a huge success, but investors loved their unique NFT characters. In addition, the NFTs at presale were sold at very good rates compared to other NFTs such as Dogecoin or Talmadge. 

    In addition, at the presale, the Toon Finance team announced that they will soon launch 10,000 unique NFT characters. The best thing was that the first 1,000 characters would be airdropped to their first 1,000 team members. 

    This showed a great chance for early collectors to become a part of their community and enjoy the perks. Since the Toon Finance Coin is not released, news about that will be shared to the community first before the release. 

    Lastly, the NFT holders were seen buying Toon Finance during the presale. But what is NFT?

    What Is NFT?

    Known as the world’s strangest NFT, many people claim that this project is irrelevant. However, the is the latest NFT that went live in May 2022. is a project that launched 10,000 NFT characters on its website. According to many people, the NFT characters offered by look unpleasant compared to others. They look more like a mixture of goblins and zombies. 

    But no matter how the characters look, the NFT shook the world. During the launch, everyone wanted to collect some NFTs. And many people did get their hands on the NFTs. 

    But as soon as Toon Finance Coin was launched and started making headlines, even the NFT holders could hold themselves back. So what makes Toon Finance Coin a better NFT than holders have to get them?

    Why NFT Holders May Have Bought Toon Finance Coins At The Presale? 

    NFT collectors, investors and lovers only head for such coins where they see growth, utility and profit. At the start, the was a different project compared to others, and collectors had to get them to see what the project was about. But with time, people saw it as an irrelevant project.

    And that is when the Toon Finance Coin made headlines and attracted all the market collectors towards it. So what makes Toon Finance different? Here is all you need to know about it.

    1. Better Utility

    The utility of an NFT in its metaverse plays a very vital role. The better the utility, the more convenient it is to trade, sell and buy that NFT outside the metaverse layer. 

    The Toon Finance Coin being ECR20 compliant tells you everything about its utility. The Toon Coin is made through the Ethereum blockchain, making it easier for collectors to get their hands on Toon NFT and meme coins. 

    In addition, the utility for many collectors is a very important factor when deciding whether they should invest. The utility for goblintown NFT is stated clearly by their team on the official website in bold words. “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility.”

    This says all you want to know about the utility of NFT. 

    2. Secure Investment

    Your secure investment is very important when it comes to digital assets, be it any crypto coin, NFT, meme coin or any other. Undoubtedly, investing in digital assets can sometimes be risky, and there is no physical presence of them. This has been the topic of debate since the creation of digital assets. 

    However, if known and trusted organizations or standards back digital assets, then the risk is reduced. And this can be a reason why many investors would want to invest in such an asset. 

    Toon Finance Coin offering high security and being one of the safest choices is why it gathered a huge fan following. In addition, the Toon Finance Coin operates through the DEX, which makes it a secure option compared to other digital assets. 

    Due to this, no hacker can hack into your account and steal your coins. Such tough security may not be offered by The goblintown NFTs can be bought and sold at various secondary marketplaces, which can affect its secure transaction. 

    3. Unique and Attractive NFT Characters

    An NFT character being unique is what the real essence of this asset is. If the character is not unique, and you have seen similar characters for sale elsewhere, you may not be convinced to get it. 

    This is why Toon Finance not only gave a hint of their unique characters at their presale, but also their attractive meme coins were the talk of the town. 

    At the presale, the team announced they will release 10,000 unique NFT characters soon. Such NFT characters will be airdropped with the mint passes. In addition, getting the Toon Finance NFT at the presale was important for goblintown NFT holders. 

    Having the Toon NFTs at an early stage will help them become a part of their community and enjoy a good profit in the future. Lastly, the Toon Finance Protocol has big plans for its early investors, so you have to be there.

    4. Unimaginable Growth

    As mentioned before, you would already know that growth for an NFT is a very important deciding factor as a collector or investor. You would never invest in such assets if there is no foreseeable growth. 

    The goblintown NFT holders and the entire market saw the growth that Toon Finance Coin will soon achieve. Even at the presale, it broke many records and sold out in no time. 

    Many investors were left out due to the limited numbers of coins being for sale at the presale. In addition, the Toon Finance Coins were sold at very affordable rates at the presale. 

    That gathered the attention of goblintown NFT holders, and everyone came for the Toon Finance Coin. 

    5. Decentralized Operation

    For many cryptocurrencies, you have to contact several intermediaries to get a good rate for such coins. In addition, these intermediaries charge you a fee that adds to the cost of your investment. For example, you have to purchase NTF from secondary markets which can take time and cost you a bit more than the market price. 

    The Toon Finance Coin ends the role of intermediaries and secondary marketplaces for its trading. This is all due to their decentralized operations. 

    This is known as the Toon Finance Protocol, and the team is dedicated to improving it for the users every day. The protocol makes trading and exchanges a lot more convenient for their users. You don’t have to pay any extra fees or charges to carry out transactions here. 

    Unlike other wallets where you might store your goblintown NFT, you have to pay additional charges. However, things are different at Toon Finance. 

    This saves you from paying additional costs and having yourself an affordable investment. In addition, the Toon Finance Protocol has offered its roadmap on its official website for potential investors. 

    Through the roadmap, you can better understand what the Toon Finance team has planned for the future. Not all cryptocurrencies give the public such insight about their plans and growth. 

    Final Words

    Offering so many different features might be the reason why NFT holders bought in many Toon Finance Coins at the presale. Now all the NFT holders are waiting for various projects to be launched by Toon Finance in the future. 

    The Toon Finance Coin is at an early stage, and even being such an early asset, it has made a remarkable place in the market. This itself shows the growth the coin is going to have.

    Get your Toon Finance coins today. Click here to access the presale interface or find out more here:


    Disclaimer: This is a press release post. Coinpedia does not endorse or is responsible for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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