The Next Set Of Crypto Millionaires Could Be Investing Now In Gnox (GNOX), Neo (NEO) And DeFiChain (DFI)

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Jul 13, 2022


While the market might currently be in a dip—that doesn’t mean now is the time to lose faith in crypto. Far from it, crypto is here to stay. And it’s in these testing times that the real heroes of the scene are created. After all, it was easy to invest in something that was just going up. But what about now, when some cryptos are falling? And it’s important to remember that not just crypto markets are down—so too are traditional stocks and shares. And while some people might be losing confidence, others are eager to make the most of the discounts that are currently available. Big fans of the crypto space argue we won’t see prices this low for much longer—so now is the time to buy.

And while that may certainly be the case—you still need to buy the right coins. Not every crypto is going to survive the current bear market. But those that do will be setting themselves up for huge long-term success. And there are even some projects that have been thriving despite overall market conditions. These should be viewed with even more bullish confidence. Let’s have a look at a few options that could create the next set of crypto millionaires:

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is already up 63% in just a few weeks. That’s good performance at any time, but especially when the wider crypto markets are down. This shows extreme bullishness, and some are saying it could be the next millionaire-maker.

And Gnox isn’t just great for price gains—it’s great for passive income, too. That’s because Gnox is the first crypto project to offer Yield Farming as a Service. This puts solid passive income earning potential into the hands of regular investors, with none of the stress. The perfect thing about this system is that it really is passive. You don’t have to stake your coins, you don’t even have to know what staking is. That’s why Gnox will be key in giving real passive income benefits to the masses, and could be integral in taking DeFi investment opportunities into the mainstream.

You can still pick up GNOX at a discount during pre-sale, making it the ideal time to buy.


As one of the best open-source, community driven platforms, NEO is also making huge strides in the industry. They’re helping bring forward the true benefits of blockchain to help optimize the digital world. Some are even saying that NEO is better than Ethereum, with faster transaction times and lower gas fees. While it might take a while for it to catch up with blockchain leader Ethereum, Neo clearly has a strong future in the industry. That’s why it’s also recommended for your portfolio.


DeFiChain is also helping revolutionize investment and finance opportunities across the blockchain. As a light, fast financial services platform mostly based around Bitcoin, users are given many of the tools they might be used to in the traditional finance world, on a truly 21st-century platform. Experts think this could also be a great addition to your portfolio.

Whether these coins can make you a millionaire remain to be seen, but they’re some of the hottest property in crypto right now. So take a look at them for your portfolio.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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