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Gira Financial Group

Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) announced senior advisory committee with two industry experts.


Dr.Sabina R.Korfmann-Bodenmann is doctorates from the University of Zurich. She has established the communications company in 2001 which is named as Korfamann Corporate Communications Consulting AG (KCCC). Nonetheless, today this company is an advisory firm for leading international financial companies.

Korfamann is an author of the various book and a contributing as an active member of various boards of trustees and directors. Furthermore, “Living Heritage-Centuries in Business” is her latest book, published in the year 2017.

Dr.Berhhand Mandorin has studied law from the University of Basel and he has a doctorate in tax law. He is the partner at the fiduciary office and also obtained 1st proficient experience in the fiduciary sector as an employee.

Later in the year 1998, Dr.Berhhand founded his own fiduciary office “ “Treuhand Dr. iur. Bernhard Madörin”.

He has been a member of the board of directors and also a partner of artaz Fide consult AG. Here, he was responsible for tax, legal and corporate consultancy. Furthermore, Dr.Berhhand was an active member of Swiss Association for Tax Law and was a counselor in the canton of Basel-Stadt from 1999 to 2006.

However, the contribution of both the experts is great in the financial sector. GIRA welcomes Dr. Sabina Korfmann-Bodenmann and Dr. Bernhard Madörin on the advisory board and strategic development at GFG.

Company name: Gira Financial Group AG


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