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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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FreelancerCoin – the online freelancing platform that is built entirely on Ethereum has come up with an innovative approach to let the clients and freelancers safely work together on its secure platform. Launched in January 2018, the platform leverages blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to address the issues plaguing the current freelance economy. Thus augment the positive aspects of the popular freelancing forums. And adding the new features that are currently non-existing in these platforms. It has improved upon the existing best practices of the key competitors and come up with three unique features that set it apart.

The team consists of seasoned experts with rich diversity and extensive experience in handling and bidding for freelancing projects. This way, it is able to quickly resolve the long-standing issues that clients and freelancers often face. The platform offers an innovative “Done for You” freelancing agency support. The clients can allow the experts of FreelancerCoin to manage their projects on behalf of them. Since the experts have practical exposure to all freelancing issues, they handle the client’s projects with professional acumen.

The clients will be able to see the status of their project – who joins it, the overall cost and regular progress report. Outsourcing to FreelanceCoin is much easier, convenient and trustworthy. By availing “Done for You” option, the clients get lot of free time which they would otherwise have spent in managing the freelancers. They can use this free time for more productive purposes and managing the core competencies of their business.

The platform makes use of a deep learning AI system that recommends best bidding price for the selected projects. Since it is to the beginner level freelancers, factoring multiple parameters. This way, the freelancers know that they are charging fair rates both for clients and themselves. The same system also suggests about the best suited freelancers for a particular project. And also to the client that suit their budget and project needs.

CEO at FreelancerCoin said, 

“Our partnership with Mettl – online certification company will help us not only in fully optimizing our ecosystem infrastructure but also bringing more credibility to our platform. With FreelancerCoin, we have strived to provide delighting experiences both for the freelancers and clients, all the while making the bidding and project allocation a breeze. We hope to differentiate ourselves from the competitors with our innovative features”.

Reinforce certification to solve the problem of trust

The platform allows for payments through major fiat currencies and also the FreelancerCoin (LAN), which is the platform’s proprietary crypto currency. For LAN token holders, the registration on the platform and its use is absolutely free. FreelancerCoin only invites the freelancers who have undergone through its rigorous certification process to work on the large-sized projects. The company invests time in ascertaining the trustworthiness and dependability of the freelancers. So that the clients need not worry about their quality of work done or missed deadlines.

“The freelancing community is huge and we see multiple projects being made available for freelancing work. However only to wait for the right and trustworthy talent to assign to them. With Freelancer Coin, we have taken endeavors to connect the right talent with the right project. So that the client gets work satisfaction and the freelancer gets fair price for their work and efforts”, said Seungki Yeo, Chief Executive Officer at FreelancerCoin.

Artificial intelligence for fair pricing

The platform makes use of artificial intelligence to generate fair yet profitable prices for freelance work. This feature is especially helpful for the beginners and saves them from bidding unreasonably low for a project. The system suggests this price based on a number of factors like rates used by various standards, organizations and freelancers. This AI system also allows the clients to get the best freelancers for the job. Thus saving them from chasing after the qualified freelancers.

About FreelancerCoin

FreelancerCoin is a robust, easy-to-use freelancing platform. It makes use of proven user experience (UX) practices and optimal user interface (UI). The platform preserves the integrity of the projects with smart contract blockchain technology and its unique identification system.  So that both the clients and freelancers can know that they are working on a real project with real individuals. It conducts courses, tests and interviews for the freelancers and provides them reinforce certifications that makes them trustable for the clients. The company is headed by Seungki Yeo, the Founder-CEO and a full-stack data scientist with extensive experience in deep learning, big data and web development. The company came up with its Pre-ICO on November 2017, which is going to end on March 31, 2018 with total hard cap of 64,000,000 LAN (FreelancerCoin Token).

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Address: Smolna 10, warsaw, Poland

Note: This press release is for an informational purpose only. Coinpedia is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided in the article. Thereby, readers are advised to consider company’s policy & T&C before making any investment.

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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