Billionaire Evan Luthra Invests In Defi Project Based On Solana


Evan Luthra is a prolific angel investor having been in crypto since 2014. He is also an early discoveres in (Fastest growing on-demand Tech company in 2016) and Wheelys Cafe (over 1000+ coffee shops in 40 countries), more recently investing in the seed round of (The billion dollar Crypto Currency), (Biggest Gaming AD Publisher), JoshTalks, FTcash and more.


The leading entrepreneur inspired many when he exited his first company for seven-figure. Simultaneously took over the TedX stage at the age of 17.

Evan is a successful keynote speaker with hundreds of speeches around the world for organizations like United Nations, Nielsen, Google, Blockchain Life, and many more.

Evan also has over 2 Million followers on Instagram ( where he shares daily tips about investing in crypto markets.

There will be powerful synergies between Evan’s portfolio companies, industry network and the ecosystem.


About is one of the first basic decentralized exchanges (DEX) built on Solana. allows users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions in a safe and reliable manner, with liquidity provided by users.

Third-generation cryptocurrency exchange that aims to use advanced machine learning and neural network algorithms to solve the current problems faced by decentralized exchanges in order matching, centralized exchanges, and trustless custody.

The platform is in the process of conducting a private sale round II for 30% of its tokens, which is open to retail and VC investors.

Soldex informed they sold over 50% of the tokens and were oversubscribed.

SOLX will later become publicly available to users, giving them access to governance rights, feed AI bots, and staked. So far, the Soldex community has grown to include over 15k+ members.

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