Etherland – The Revolution Connecting Real Estate With The Digital World Metaverse!

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What is Etherland and how does it work?

Real Estate visibility and promotion are currently lacking both efficiency and transparency. In order to enhance control over their real estate properties and to ensure the reliability of the information, Etherland has created a platform bridging IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and Blockchain Technology Non-Fungible Token Technology.

The interoperability of all those technologies is what they call the second layer of our world; the World Metaverse and its Estatepedia controlled by the people.

Every real estate is represented on-chain under the form of a Non-Fungible Token called a LAND ID (kind of a unique Land Identification Token). It allows the users to represent any place in the World or their personal real estate in a secure and fully decentralized manner

Whether they own the place, or not, any person can acquire a piece of the World Metaverse Etherland has created.

The tokens display many information live from different sources. Any owner will be able to upload their own, photos, videos, creating this way a new kind of wikipedia where users decide, own and monetise their content. The essential information is always stored on IPFS, and tied to their owner on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows the Estatepedia to be accurate, immutable and decentralized.

As mentioned, the users of the Etherland platform will soon be able to register their real estates. If they own the property they submit, and upon verification of their legal documents, their LAND ID will receive a “Verified” status.

This powerful status will allow their property to stand out of the crowd of Non-Fungible Tokens Eco-system because it will guarantee that its legal information is secured on IPFS through Etherland’s Estatepedia, which as a matter of fact will raise the LAND ID’s value.

The Estatepedia will not only feature the provided documents of Verified real estates, it is the Wikipedia of Real Estates. It combines a unique text telling the history of the place, high quality images, high definition aerial video footage, descriptions, an interactive map highlighting the borders of the land plot, and an access to all decentralized data.

More on the ELAND Blockchain

The ELAND ERC-20 token is the token you will need to interact with the Etherland platform at every level.

When new LAND IDs are minted and added to Etherland’s Marketplace, they will be put up for sale at a fair prices in ELAND. You should stay tuned for the upcoming LAND ID releases, as it will be your only shot at buying LAND IDs for affordable prices.

If you head now to the Marketplace, you can already see that once bought and put back for sail on the secondary market, the prices rise fast.

The future feature of LAND ID registration will also require ELAND to be used. Except the offer for the first 50 LAND IDs registered, you will need to pay a fee in ELAND to register a world place and make it a LAND ID.

The base fee is necessary to cover the creation process and gas fees, the other prices packages will grant you access to marketing features aimed to make your LAND ID more valuable on the Marketplace.


You can already trade the ELAND token on Uniswap against ETH ! To access the trading pair, simply head to the ELAND ATLAS website linked below, and scroll down to the Uniswap module.

You can also add the ELAND token manually on Uniswap’s web application by entering the ELAND smart contract address.

Stay Tuned

Do not miss future releases, join Etherland’s social pages!

Etherland Youtuber explainer:

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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