Start-up from the heart of Berlin has pioneered decentralized mobile mining by combining blockchain with regenerative energy


For the first time truly mobile data-center Envion AG has created a technology uses affordable local energy to mine wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies. By collecting freely available energy, envion can be able to operate at minimum costs than the competitors. Meantime, it reduces the CO2 footprint of the blockchain industry.


Envion goals at decentralizing the highly-concentrated mining market (China contains 80% in Bitcoin mining) and maintaining control of the market. This is the reason why envion provides 100% of its mining revenue to its community.

Challenges in the energy and blockchain industries

The blockchain industry is distress about an ever-rising demand of energy. Importantly, this can be described by the reality that transactions charges high amounts of typically fossil energy.

Meantime, Envision wonders about the ever-rising production of clean regenerative energy. It often get disappears because of the maxed out energy grids. This results in that the locally available excess energy that is solar power plants which creates overcapacities. Therefore, it can be efficiently in use by new mobile mining units of envion.

Envion’s solutions

Envion has establishes fully technological advance automated (“industry 4.0”). Mobile mining units (MMU) inside consistent intermodal shipping containers. It can be transferring to any part of the world within couple of days, decentralizing the blockchain infrastructure.

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Especially, Envion mobile mining units are intend and designed to run at remote places near energy sources. Therefore, such as wind turbines, solar plants or hydropower plants. Furthermore, the mobility of the MMU allows for targeting placement of the units at sites necessitating thermal energy and can be adopting for heating. Therefore, by this mean envion recycles energy consumes in the MMU for the purpose of external heating in greenhouses and accomplishes revolutionary low electricity prices.

Investment opportunities

The ambitious goal of the envion is to have the lowest cost structure in the blockchain mining industry.  By incorporating GPU-based mining with ASIC mining, 161% of ROI that investors receives in EVN token after administration deductions, as per the Envion’s whitepaper. Its distinct position as the only truly mobile mining operation merged with an enhanced, tested and streamlined technology place them among the top players.

The key facet deals here is that 100% of mining profits will be directly given to the EVN token holder community after following a community approach. On weekly basis, 75% of this is provided to the token holders. 25% of the remaining is investing in MMUs to maintain in increasing profits for the community. The pioneering company constructs and operate mobile mining units for third-party operations. This specifies that third-party investors obtain envion hardware, while 35% of the profits drive directly to EVN token holders.

Overall, this totally seems like the great way to invest in the great dividend blockchain industry by minimizing the risk as envion is not depending on a single market player.

The ICO starts on 1st of December 2017.

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