How to Earn Passive Money With Yokef Agency Program

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In the current time, YokeF is one of the most reliable Binary Options exchanges due to the beneficial advantages it offers to potential customers. In addition to conventional forms of transaction and speedy and affable customer support services. YokeF has developed an agent policy with extremely attractive commissions that investors cannot ‘turn their backs’ if they want to generate a steady significant passive income.

Overview of YokeF is the most trustworthy binary options trading exchange trusted by more than 25,000 investors around the world. It has a trading volume of up to 15 million dollars and a payout ratio of 95%.

YokeF always wants to deliver the best services and support to our users through superior platform features and technology, customer support policies, and promotions so that YokeF users can gain and enjoy the most satisfactory experience and the highest profit while cooperating with YokeF.

YokeF agent policy

The agent policy will help investors optimize profits with the 7-level commission system with extremely attractive promotions for referrals. Via enhanced tools for leaders, you will easily manage the amount and commission information you receive on YokeF from referrals.

Benefits of agents at YokeF

Whether your referrals win or lose, you are still granted commissions based on their trading volume. This means that the more people you refer, the more commission you will receive.

You can look up to the model of commission rate awarding according to the figure below.

YokeF Referrals

Model of commission rate awarding for all levels in YokeF

At the same time, you will also receive commissions from the people who were referred by the person you have referred to according to levels with a total commission of up to 2%.

What is more, for each person you referred makes an agent contract with Yokef, you also receive commissions of up to $50.

YokeF commission

Commission rates for trading and signing YokeF agent contract

How to get the right to be a YokeF agent?

You just need to visit YokeF website at, click on “Referral Program” and choose “Buy Agency” with $100 to become an agent and start to earn profit with YokeF.

How to calculate commission for YokeF’s agents?

For your convenience in calculating the commission received from YokeF, the following example will help you better understand how the rate of commission YokeF agent is calculated and received.

For example, after reaching level 1:

• Your subordinate has a total amount of people buying agent rights with n = 10

• Your subordinate has a total transaction volume of vol = $50,000

You will receive: nF1 × $50 + 1% × vol F1 = 10 × $50 + 1% x $50,000 = $1,000

(where: n is the number, vol is the transaction volume)

YokeF commission total

Spreadsheet of commission received from YokeF

Similarly, the calculation will be applied to the following levels after changing the percentage of the trading commission, the number of agent purchases and the volume of transactions.

How does YokeF know who your referrals are?

You only need to send a referral link or Referral to friends to use when creating an account on YokeF. At the same time, you can also share and attract more friends via social networks with extremely convenient icons on the website.

YokeF invite

Introduce new users using your referral link 

How to develop an agent system?

You can refer to some of our completely free agency system development suggestions:

1.     From personal social channels: You can share the ref link on your social networking sites or on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. as well as writing new articles or tutorials on personal blogs.

2.     From sponsored channels: By setting up advertising campaigns, you can reach more users, thereby increasing the number of members in the system.


Being an agent at YokeF will help you create many opportunities to earn attractive commissions as well as create unlimited sources of passive income. This is really a benefit that you should not ignore when participating in this market. Join now at

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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