Dribblie NFT Estimates That Playing E-football Might Earn You $100 Per Day

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Imagine if I told you that you could own a football club, manage a team, play matches against other teams and earn money?! Isn’t it intriguing and a little bit fictional? Despite this, it is now a reality!

All you’ll need is an Dribblie NFT (non-fungible token) and with Dribblie you can get closest to be a real football manager and actually earn income by managing and playing.

Dribblie is a community-driven, pay-to-earn game in which you may compete with players from all around the world to lead a virtual football club to triumph.

Your goal in Dribblie is to establish a solid squad and focus on improving while playing division or cup matches.

Planet Dribblie is an extraordinary location. It’s brimming with the Quasar crystal, which gives an endless supply of energy. For hundreds of years, four species – Titans, Aliens, Robots, and Humanoids – have been slaying each other to win possession of Quasar crystals.

There was no longer any prospect of life, and the commanders of each species’ army decided that conflict would soon destroy the universe.

They spoke on how to distribute Quasar among the species in a more peaceful way. They agreed to put an end to the battle by playing football and awarding the crystals to the victors.

When the battle ended, everyone looked to the management to prevent further violence. They are in charge of creating, managing, and challenging others for the Quasar crystals. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and compete for Dribblie glory?

The difference between Dribblie and other football management games is that you own your players, stadiums, and other assets in Dribblie, and they have real-world worth. It features a functioning economy that makes use of blockchain technology to provide you complete asset ownership and control.

Dribblie will include an internal marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs, Stadiums, and in-game assets for a very cheap transaction charge and nearly no gas fee. In three months, the game will be released.

Initial NFT Sales will be held in the near future, allowing initial holders to earn money by playing or renting out their NFTs.

The metamask wallet is supported or any other connecting wallets on dribblie. You can buy a maximum of 3 boxes on pre-sale and on public sale maximum 10 boxes.

Out of 10,000 the minted will be 9800 and 200 is used for giveaways. The conditions for the whitelist may be found in the #whitelist-info channel of Discord server. Please keep in mind that criteria are always changing, so remain up to date.

What are the DRIBBLIE earning strategies?

Dribblie has used a variety of strategies to help you earn money up to 100$ by doing what you love. The strategies to earn are as follows:

  • Win matches – Do you want to be rewarded for simply playing football? Dribble allows you to make money by just winning or drawing matches on a regular basis. Aim for excellence because the winner gets everything.
  • Win Trophies – Trophies and awards are everything in football. Win leagues, cups, or private leagues, celebrate with your supporters, and receive cash or brand new assets. Keep or sell your assets to increase your profits.
  • Win Quests – Is it possible to play five games with a robot squad without surrendering a goal? Daily tasks will put your talents and strategies to the test, and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic monetary prizes.
  • Rent to earn – Be a smart shopper. Own players, lease them out, and relax and enjoy yourself. Your players may play for other clubs, but the continuous stream of cash may be worth it.
  • Stake and Breed(Youth academy): Youth Academy is a place where managers can be staked. Stacked managers take care of the new generation being born and developed. Be a new player’s supply chain. Put managers in charge of youth academies in order to develop young, competent players. Put them on the market and make extra money.
  • Train to Earn: Create a unique training strategy to become Dribblie’s Ajax FC. Coach young athletes to raise their market worth so they may be sold.

Unique Species on Dribblie:

The players’ origins are represented by species. Each species has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Titans, for example, are physically powerful but sluggish, whereas humans are intelligent and have superior passing and teamplay but lack the physical strength. In the game, there are four primary species:

  • Titans : Titans are invaders from the planet Rojo, and they are hostile and physically strong by nature. They have been unable to assimilate modern technology on their planet due to their excessive wrath. Titans may be slow, but they are the most powerful species on Dribblie.
  • Humans : A new form of mankind was developed on the planet Earth. Humanoids evolved into V2.0 humans as a result of complicated technological advancements. They’re full of creativity, innovation, and improvisation. Their human character permits them to defeat their opponents, even though their emotions occasionally get the best of them.
  • Aliens : Aliens are known as the universe’s pirates since no one knows where they originated from. Be cautious of their cunning abilities, as they may drastically alter the outcome of a match in a matter of seconds. Aliens move like shadows, are light, and can squeeze through even the tiniest gaps. They lack trust, even among themselves, which has an impact on their performance.
  • Robots: Greetings from planet CTX-4402, a robot-created artificial world. This species possesses highly efficient machinery as well as advanced AI skills, allowing them to maintain flawless discipline and organization. Their stamina and superior decision-making abilities appear to be limitless. Unfortunately, they are devoid of emotion and imagination, which may be detrimental to their team’s performance on the field.

Player Skills

Teams with higher-rated players are more likely to win matches. However, the likelihood of winning a match is determined not only by the ratings, but also by the manager’s and stadium’s quality, as well as timely replacements and the user who is participating in the match.

When deciding the winner, higher ranks have a greater impact. A 0-99 rating system is used to assess players’ talents and skill sets. The ranking method evaluates 16 different skill sets:

  1. Dribbling
  2. Pace
  3. Ball Control
  4. Shoot Accuracy
  5. Shoot Power
  6. Long Passing
  7. Short Passing
  8. Strength
  9. Stamina
  10. Set Pieces
  11. Heading
  12. Vision
  13. Tackling
  14. Defense
  15. Attacking
  16. Goalkeeping

TEAM Dribblie

With over ten years of expertise in the sector, the team consists of business developers, game developers, blockchain specialists, and football fans.

The goal is to decentralize the gaming business and develop a game that emphasizes teamwork. The team is worldwide and powerful, with members having worked for UEFA, Hattrick, TopTal, and other similar organizations.

Niko Burke – Co-founder and Business development

Sophie Kotri – Marketing manager

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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