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Does Recently Released Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) Compete With Other Top Real Estate Cryptocurrencies?

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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There are several top cryptocurrencies providing real-world usability, especially in the real estate industry. In this article, we will list the top five real estate tokens you should invest in if you want to get into real estate, property, or land development.

  1. DPAT
  3. REX
  4. PROPY


With its decentralised blockchain platform, ATLANT is tackling two of the most important issues in real estate, tokenised ownership and international P2P rentals. By lowering prices for the renter and lessor and reducing the likelihood of fabricated reviews and ratings, ATLANT aspires to become the “Airbnb Killer.”

ATLANT wants to build alliances with local governments all around the world to streamline the approval process for real estate transactions. ATLANT will accomplish this without initially putting real estate into incorporated SPVs by linking the ATLANT platform with blockchain-based governmental registries (Special Purpose Vehicles).


With the use of the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto-economics, REX aims to become the most cutting-edge global real estate data marketplace in the world.

From market analysis to closing, the REX platform is meant to be a cornerstone tool for real estate professionals. Only significant businesses have historically been able to buy and sell data. However, REX will enable more accessible data to its users. Furthermore, users will be able to receive awards or pay fees for their real estate data while maintaining control of such data.


By developing a cutting-edge unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate market, Propy is committed to resolving the issues that arise in international real estate transactions. Propy will give homebuyers a method to acquire real estate overseas. This procedure has always been highly difficult and drawn out.

Propy initially started by accepting online home purchases made on its website and collaborating with regional authorities to individually approve title documents. The platform aspires to form alliances with legal representatives in the biggest real estate markets in the world. These alliances will lead to authorised purchases by the platform instantly becoming a legally binding transfer of property from one Propy user to another.


LATOKEN has risen in the market cap rankings ever since the ICO ended in October 2017. The LA platform is now up and running, enabling users to trade gold, oil, and real estate ETFs, including tokenised shares of Google, Apple, Tesla, and other blue-chip companies.

By allowing the trading of real-world assets in cryptocurrency, LATOKEN aids investors in diversifying their portfolios. The platform promotes the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real economy. The LATOKEN team has a strong track record in hedge fund management, the development of marketplaces, and trading terminals. In addition, the team has worked at companies such as Avega Capital, McKinsey, BCG, and Ernst & Young.


Recently released Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) is a token on the Ethereum network that promotes decentralised finance and Web3 technology. The team leading the platform is the first to build a borderless Web3 100 percent land backed NFT investment and trading marketplace. With each real estate project in a major African city minted and represented by a fractionlized Non-fungible token (NFT) available to purchase for anyone for as little as $100. Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) is set to disrupt one of the oldest industries in the world, while providing an alternative image of a whole continent.

DPAT is revolutionising the approach to African real estate Investments and decentralisation. Their one of a kind platform aims to create a democratised, profitable, stable, and secure ecosystem for commercial and residential real estate investment. In addition, the African Development Bank (AfDB) pointed out that the middle class is expected to grow from 355 million to 1.1 billion by 2050 so the DPAT team hope to contribute to resolving the inevitable housing shortage by providing developers cost-effective and transparent access to liquidity for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. All this and giving stakeholders access to multiple revenue streams.

Read the Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) Whitepaper to learn more about this revolutionary project.

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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