DeepTradeBot Club Has Just Opened!


The long-awaited deepTradeBot VIP Club has finally opened, and the platform is actively recruiting strong marketing leaders.


The Club is a unique solution for a narrow range of active partners who aim to build their multi-level structures at the platform.

In short, the Club Member status allows you to expand your structure to 7 lines with the maximum reward of 27% from just the 1st line partners, depending on the package selected: Classic, Pro or VIP. 

The membership includes unique Club Bots that give higher profit, and boosts the regular affiliate program rewards by up to 1.5%. 

Despite the fact that the Club has been initially planned as a very closed structure, now the company gives a chance to everybody to get joined, so don’t miss this unique opportunity: get an invite code from your leader and become a member. 

Now the platform has a special public page that allows everybody to learn about the membership conditions as well as download the Club brand book and presentation.

About deepTradeBot: is a trading robot that makes profit from the margin of digital assets prices, on various trading platforms, making the maximum from the slightest changes in the world market. The platform provides their bot rental services to anyone interested. 

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