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    Apr 24, 2020


    Crypto trading is entirely new, with no historical experiences. With the many success stories in the mainstream media, you can be tempted to trade. Like any other financial investment, there are risks involved. However, you should keep in mind the few years of existence of crypto trading. Success in trading is dependent on how wise, professional, skilled, and careful you are.

    The upsides of crypto trading are:

    • The universal accessibility allows anyone with an internet globally to trade and try their lack
    • There is complete transparency with the cryptocurrency transactions ensuring the security of your money while trading
    • Trading fees are deficient because three are no government regulations

    Don’t talk about your coins or trades on social media


    As we said, earlier crypto trading is new in the market and is still vulnerable and insecure. Cybercrimes are real, and the cryptocurrency is no different because it involves money. New Crypto trading coins are fertile grounds for hackers and other scammers. Orlando Hart, a blockchain engineer who cooperates with paper writing service, advises you to not share your crypto activities on social media.

    As tempting as it is, when you are profiting, it is also dangerous.  The infamous story of the Turkey Bitcoin kidnappers is an excellent real-life example.  The first victim targeted was showing off his luxury lifestyle on social media. As your trading becomes profitable, you should keep it as low key as possible. Lack of government regulations can be a strength but also a weakness when it comes to the security of your finances. You are simply trading in a black market that can get you any outcome and risk. The other dangers that come with sharing your coins and trade on social media are:

    • Data hostage where your computer is infected with malware locking your data until you pay a ransom
    • Criminals can identify your home from social media and invade and rob you harming your loved ones

    Always learn from your mistakes

    There are many mistakes beginners make while learning how to crypto trade. As much as they can cost you time and even money, learning from them will make you a better trader.  Trading is similar to the stock exchange, although it comes with some things that are a bit different.  These mistakes can be:

    • Sending coins to the wrong wallet
    • Lack of a clear trading strategy
    • Buying and investing in a currency because the price is too low
    • Joining without technical know-how

    Being a newbie can be hectic, but rushing can make it worse. Even the experts make mistakes forgetting to move their coins to a private wallet. You should exercise patience and know that you will learn more with time. Consult and do research in case you are facing any difficulty, and before you make any investment decision. The following trading tips can help you avoid beginner mistakes that can cost you:

    • Look for Offline wallets that will keep your coins safe
    • Choose a company according to the market cap and not the price of their coin
    • Stop the following advice from your friends and social media networks
    • Do not enter  a trade blindly and leave because of impatience

    Categorize your investments and look at the long picture

    The topic is for those crypto traders who panic selling because of one reason or the other. The fluctuation of prices can be short term, and you will end up losing much money. Our advice is that you pay attention to Bitcoin when you are categorizing or planning to invest. The mother of cryptocurrency is the oldest in the market and is a good source of research.

    If you are going to write any paper about cryptocurrency, you can order content from write my essay that can help you learn from your mistakes. Time is of the essence of trading, and patience can get you more than double the estimated returns. For some coins, thinking about long-term investment can be dangerous. Research is vital in knowing which currency is suitable for long or short-term gains. Other cryptocurrency trading strategies are:

    • Looking at the charts, reviews, and rankings of a company
    • Don’t fall victim to scammers offering signal, courses, and outcomes
    • Price pattern can help you know when to hold on or sell
    • Built a long-term crypto portfolio because it has lower fees and risks
    • Evaluate the market share because it determines dominance

    Diversifying ensure you do not risk everything on one coin


    Every coin has its advantages and disadvantages; that is why you should try to invest in more than one. Just like sports betting and any other gambling, risking everything on one can be costly for you. Several coins exist today, including Ethereum, Monero, and Dash. The fact that a currency is stable now does not rule out the unpredictability of the trading market. Spreading the risk in more than five coins is the only way to do excellent crypto trading. The crypto market is volatile because of the price fluctuations of the Bitcoin. The uncertainty of the future values of the cons can make a trader frustrated and stressed. It is advisable not to trade at all if you do not understand the emerging trends in cryptocurrency. Lack of regulations is also a critical factor in the volatile nature of the coins. The advantages of diversification are:

    • A balance in your trading portfolio
    • Balancing risks without sacrificing returns
    • Cautions you from data loses and technological failure because you have investments elsewhere
    • Diversification also means adding cryptocurrencies investments to other investments such as traditional stock exchange and banking

    Do not be greedy

    You can be tempted when coins begin to grow or then your profit margins improve. Many rules govern trading that can lose you money if frowned due to greediness. Remember to never trade with your emotions because it might cost you. Fear, anxiety, and panic makes you buy and sell prematurely. Greed maximizes the risk; that is why you should make small investments with precaution. Cryptocurrency is more than returns, and deciding because of perceived overestimating gains is dangerous. Tying to be rich overnight can backfire on you and lead to losses. If greed has already caught up, you can order a perfect resume from and search for a job as your strategies to reinvest and get experience. The following crypto tips can caution you:

    • Establish a stop loss level whether you are making profits or losing
    • Do not
    • Set profit targets and stop when you reach them
    • Having a clear purpose and goal for entering the trade will keep you on track

    Conclusively, securing your cryptocurrency is essential in any trading. Long passwords can safeguard you from hacking. You can also avoid reusing the password or saving them because they are vulnerable to cybercrimes. You should know the rules of the game, which include winning and losing for you to succeed. It is advisable for you to gain technical knowledge and do enough research before venturing.

    Understanding the risk and volatility of the market helps; you set targets and cope with losses while making smart investments. Endeavor to build long-term investments because daily investments are volatile. Finally, you should keep your trading emotion-free, eliminating fear, greed, and panic.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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