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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Recently, cryptocurrency has become more and more widespread. What is important to know about сrypto mining? 

We can hear allegations against mining that it is harmful to the environment quite often. It requires a huge amount of electricity resources. The consumption, in this case, can easily be compared with the entire country. The network can consume as many resources as the annual electricity consumption of the Netherlands or Kazakhstan.

Most large mining farms get their power from coal-fired stations. Experts are confident that bitcoin mining is causing serious damage to nature. That is why this topic deserves special attention. 

Some companies started to change their strategies and tried to switch their sources of energy to completely renewable and green. H2Hashes have succeeded here and made cloud mining completely eco-friendly using renewable energy: hydrogen, solar energy, and wind.

The company has selected high-quality equipment to provide its users with the best opportunities for passive income and cryptocurrency cloud mining. Highly efficient data centers are located in cold places to avoid extra heat, solar panels are the main source of the energy during daylight hours, and during the night the technical specialists compress the gases into the hydrogen fuel cell compartment.

These green sources of energy can be sustainably produced and distributed widely. Conservators and blockchain experts were united in one team to provide H2Hashes users with the opportunity for efficient and profitable crypto mining without damage to our nature. 

What is needed for crypto mining with H2Hashes? 

Step one. Registration. Visit the company’s website, enter a valid email and generate a strong password, due to security reasons, to create a personal account. 

Step two. Before purchasing one of the company’s contracts, investors should familiarize themselves with its types. Each package differs in price, duration (6 and 12 months), level of referral bonus, and hash power. 

Step three. Purchasing of the contract. To start using green mining, investors should purchase and activate the contract with BTC wallet. Payments take place in Bitcoin, which makes the system secure and allows withdrawing profit and purchasing an investment package from all over the globe. After the activation of the package investors starts receiving daily income depending on the terms of the contract.

Step four. Referral program. The motto of the company’s referral company is simple – recommend confidently. Join together and multiply profits. One friend bonus. It is enough to invite a friend, recommend a package to him and after activating the package, the investor will receive a bonus from his referral friend. The possibility to share the referral link from a personal account is unlimited. 

Start receiving first profit. To withdraw the income, users need to make a withdrawal request in the “Payouts” section, and within 24 hours their withdrawal will be processed, and the funds will be sent to the wallet they specified.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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