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Feb 13, 2022


Non-fungible tokens are a new topic in hype that have made digital asset more demanding. Right now, NFTs are the hot topic and every investor is looking into the depth of the protocols and concepts alike.

Many of them consider NFTs as a transforming new idea that modifies the way we portray digital content. 

On the other hand, major experts analyze its potential to disrupt industries and the pro factors that can drive in to users.

Henceforth, there seems a growing necessity for NFT development and working together with the conceptual data functionalities as that of an NFT development firm. 

There are many projects that have emerged lately with simple registration, minting and exploring features with minimum and straightforward procedures.

YearnNFT marketplace is one among the projects to provide seamless functionalities and facets to explore the NFT marketplace with basic and simple steps. Even beginners can access and mint their NFT at YearnNFT. Check out the details here!

YearnNFT New NFT Marketplace Minting Model

In current scenario, NFTs enable the users to easily create, mint and trade digital assets with rising values.

Right from nothing to building a freshly-minted NFT token and securing it on YFNFT marketplace with the help of exclusive and high-end services, we have everything available at few clicks.

YearnNFT platform is a reputable and reliable project that comprises all things NFT into one place. With this NFT project, anyone can buy, sell, create, trade, reserve and mint digital tokens easily.

Looking at the emerging yet new YFNFT marketplace now has become quite popular in terms of quick growth and project updates. 

This can probably be considered as one of the best places anyone can choose to sell or mint their NFT. We can say that it’s a great idea to mint the NFT at YFNFT platform, offering most popular and diverse NFT marketplace among the others.

The model also charges less gas fees that needs to be paid in order to make up particularly for the computing power required to run the portal.

That’s not all, what’s more, the user can mint their first NFT for free of cost, and minting additional NFTs is exclusively affordable.

This project also provides a great simple user interface that makes any user get started with NFTs as quickly as snap.  

Why YearnNFT Minting Model?

Over 2021, NFTs have been taking the world and stream by storm breaking each day headlines. There are currently NFT artworks auctions winning for millions of dollars, with artists, creators and developers racing to portray their master pieces while the industry keeps booming.

However, without minting the NFT, the user will not be able to make it a digital item on legitimate platforms. So, here is the best reliable project that has been known as the best for NFT minting. 

If you’re anyways looking to invest in NFTs, YFNFT platform provides a diverse marketplace wherein you can explore and hands-on some incredible digital assets.

If you wish to connect a wallet to our portal, you have choices with wallets supporting BSC network like Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet, or Binance.

In case to create or sell NFTs at YFNFT platform, the whole process might seem a little intimidating, but we have implemented highly tech-literate concepts with quite simple procedures, unlike other gaming projects. Indeed, minting NFTs has never been easier as we provide the feasible way.

YearnNFT is your one-stop-shop with relatively low fees, budding marketplaces, reliable documents infra and high usability.

Any user without any boundaries can get their NFTs minted and sold avoiding obstacles.

Are you looking ahead to becoming an original NFT creator? Then we bring you an opportunity to just fill out a form, by feeding and listing your name, basic contact details, and links to the authenticated NFT portfolio or you can say social media page. Check out the process to mint your NFT in a gist.

Simple Steps to Mint Your Own NFT

Each marketplace follows a unique process to mint NFTs. However, we have compiled short steps that refers to all markets in some form or another:

1. Create and Link your wallet

2. Purchase Cryptocurrencies

3.Transfer Cryptocurrencies from your exchange to your wallet

4. Make sure your wallet is funded

5. Register on the platform with your wallet

6. Mint an NFT [create NFT by naming and uploading the NFT]

7. List your NFT [auction off your NFT or sell it for a predetermined fee]

8. Manage your NFT business [interact with customers, build more NFTs and maintain a collection]

$YFNFT Presale is Live, Get 1 NFT for 8 YFNFT Holder

YFNFT marketplace is for everyone looking to explore the sector of NFTs artwork and collectibles. The user can sell NFTs on the YearnNFT NFT marketplace to make passive earning profits.

Here, each day thousands of NFTs get minted and efficiently listed on the marketplace. We stand out in this saturated market which seems quite difficult to do alone. 

Hence, various artists and creators are looking to refer the NFT development company for avoiding any risk.

YFNFT project specializes in NFT development, sponsoring and marketing alike. We are raising awareness for our project to draw more attention and gain wide exposure.

We present an exclusive offer for YFNFT token holders to get 1 NFT for 8 YFNFT holders. This is not the end to our praises and developments.

YFNFT is now the world’s first low supply NFT token that recently announced its token presale which has extended the end limit.

Moreover, the $YFNFT token price raised in the presale is 0.12 BNB per YFNFT together with a 10% bonus. The YFNFT listing price is also set as 0.6 BNB per YFNFT which expected to reach 3 BNB per YFNFT with the start of this year. 

Not only short-term goals, but also our long-term target is to reach 1000 USD per YFNFT. This marketplace is all set to introduce the NFT marketplace, multichain and more future active developments.

YearnNFT Upcoming NFT Marketplace

There are many releases of NFT planned ahead to be introduced in phases. Our team is developing various NFTs domains to explore the great digital space with artwork as our initial sector. Here are some more domains in NFTs that will be deployed soon:

  • Music NFT
  • Video NFT
  • Photographic NFT
  • Gaming NFTs.

Keep a close eye on our upcoming developments
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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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