Could Gnox (GNOX) Create New Millionaires The Same Way Polygon (MATIC) And Stacks (STX) Once Did?

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Jul 5, 2022


Timing is everything. All crypto millionaires were fortunate and had impeccable timing. They entered positions early on and sold at the right moment. One of, if not the most common way, that cryptocurrency millionaires have been created is through participation in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) or presales. Investors enter the project at the ground level and watch their investment grow with the project. This article features a crypto protocol currently in its presale that could potentially make millionaires in the same fashion as MATIC & STX once did. 

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is now in its presale phase, with early investors guaranteeing themselves a 10% token bonus at launch. Gnox has made waves in crypto media outlets and within the community. The reason for this according to several analysts, is the passive income stream it represents. Scheduled to launch later this year, investors are curious about how far Gnox can rise.

What is Gnox?

Gnox’s developers have spearheaded the launch of a new type of DeFi (decentralised finance) earning, and the Gnoxian ecosystem is built around the strategy of Hold to Earn. To bring DeFi earnings to a broader audience, Gnox has distilled a complex process into a single investment vehicle. Gnox’s tokenomics feature a buy and sell tax, and these funds are used to accrue a treasury. The treasury then earns on behalf of investors in DeFi protocols, and every month holders receive a stablecoin reflection. The proceeds are distributed proportionately to the number of GNOX tokens held.

With just the proceeds being swapped to stablecoin, Gnox’s treasury is a capital fund set to accrue, and its growth will correlate with greater payouts. Early investors who have understood the passive income machine that Gnox will become have already locked in their gains. Gnox has the hallmarks of a protocol that could move violently to the upside and could perhaps make another class of crypto millionaires. 

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon launched in 2017 and is the most popular layer two scaling solution built on top of Ethereum. Polygon’s sidechain utilises a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism and has made many Ethereum Dapps (decentralised applications) accessible to ordinary investors.

Ethereum is hampered by its low throughput, making network transactions slow and incredibly expensive. The Polygon network solved this problem, adding an incredible amount of value to the DeFi sphere, and its price appreciated accordingly. When Matic went on sale, its initial price was $0.00263 and at its peak MATIC traded at $2.92. Early investors made an ROI (Return on Investment) of more than 10,000%.

Stacks (STX)

STX is another token that posted huge gains from its launch. With a presale price of $0.12 and an ATH (All-Time High) $3.61, STX made its early investors very wealthy. Stacks is a unique project, piggybacking on Bitcoin’s network and implementing a distinctive consensus mechanism called Proof of Transfer. Stacks builds upon the Bitcoin network taking advantage of its security whilst adding functionality to the network and introducing smart contract capability.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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