CoinDeal Announces The Launch Of Its New Token, CDL Token

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Jul 1, 2019


Coindeal celebrates its Premiere League Sponsorship Renewal with the launch of its new token.  Coindeal is excelling in its popularity with the increase in the number of new users as well. Also, the exchange will be available in various states in the USA. This new token is the CDL token. The giveaway will be 300,000 current and 150,000 new users. However the internal exchanges wish to get them for free.

The cryptocurrency exchange Coindeal was founded a year ago by three poles. Rapid growth on European and Asian market was just the beginning. Because the users made the request, Coindeal exchange decided to obtain all the necessary licenses and permits to open trading to all the American citizens.

Alex Strześniewski appears quite excited to announce the launch,

“This is the culmination of over 12 months of work, and we are incredibly excited to be finally sharing this moment with our users.”

CDL Token 

The CDL tokens allows free trading on the premier global exchanges with various benefits. The amazing part is that this token allows higher liquidity in the exchange as well as pairings with the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The exchange announces to provide first 450,000 users with CDL tokens. Coindeal offers a unique feature as it decides to give 90% of the generated tokens to its users.  

If you’re a user having a fully verified account on Coindeal, then all you have to do is, just login and click the pop-up that contains the CDL token information. Later, the tokens will automatically appear in your wallet. 

Once the giveaway is completed and all tokens are distributed to its users, Coindeal plans to launch crypto and fiat pairings. The total supply of the CDL tokens is 50,000,000 while the token itself is created on the EOS blockchain. This also boasts fast transaction times and drastically smaller network fees when compared to most of the ERC20 tokens.

Adam Bicz elaborates more on choosing EOS blockchain saying,

“We have chosen the EOS blockchain, mainly, because of the large number of transactions per second that are possible on this network. EOS can process about 3000 transactions per second – we plan for this token to be the lifeblood of our exchange and so the bandwidth should reflect that.” 

You Can Get Free CDL Tokens! How?

All of the users interested to buy free CDL tokens need to follow just a few steps: 

  • Initially you need to register on Coindeal.
  • Later you have to accomplish the verification process.
  • Then click on “Get Free Tokens”.
  • Finally, check your wallet for the completion of transaction. 

Alex Strzesniewski explains as to why are the tokens given for free saying,

“The CDL token will be the backbone of CoinDeal and that’s why we want to give it to our users for free – these tokens are meant to be used. We didn’t want to create something that has no value and try to make money off of it, like you’ve seen with many ICOs.”

If you’re interested in CDL tokens, then do not delay in the purchase, as the number of tokens is capped. Also, the necessary verification process to take up the tokens from will take up a few days for its completion. 

Once you take up the CDL tokens, you will be able to receive:

  • Decreased trading fees
  • Customer Support/ Fast Pass priority
  • Multi tier token staking system that can decrease fees to 0.000%
  • Advanced trading features 
  • Social trading platform access (planned for 2020)

Basically, staking over 150,000 CDL will offer its users a 0.0000% maker fee and a 0.0250% taker fee. After the completion of the distribution process, Coindeal will initiate buy back process for the CDL tokens on a daily basis. 

Adam Bicz elaborated on this process saying, 

“We actually created a system where staking 150,000 CDL tokens and over will give a maker fee of 0.000%.” 

This giveaway offers you a lot more than you expect. You can earn more tokens just by referring your friends through your account. Doing so, you will receive 20% of their trading fees and they will also receive free tokens after creating a Coindeal account.   

Second Season Of Wolverhampton Wanderers 

Kajetan Mackowiak speaks on the grand entry of the exchange in the second season of Wolvehampton Wanderers saying,

“After an amazing season, we really made it our priority to come back for this season to be one again, global partners of the Wolves.”

The second season of Wolverhampton Wanderers was quite successful for Wolves and Coindeal, as they discovered many common features and the urge to work together. This season was one of the biggest marketing adventures in the development of Coindeal. The numbers are a great prove. Coindeal is grateful to Wolves as the media value during the time June 2018 to June 2019 amounted to £50,000,000.  

The Coindeal logo also appeared on the worldwide TV screens for more than 350,000,000 times. Also, the Coindeal ad with the Wolves players received 1,000,000 views on YouTube. This crypto exchange also proves that sponsorship is not just a way to promote the crypto business, in fact it is much more than that. Along with the logo being visible on the match shirts and stadium, the Coindeal also made good connections with the Wolves team. 

The teams were also seen cheering during the match. Kajetan Mackowiak speaks on the fact saying, 

“There’s nothing better than game day in Wolverhampton – we try to be there as often as we can, regardless, we always make sure to cheer on and follow all games even in the office.”

Their bonding was visible to everyone present in the event. As, their bonding was seen on the backstage video recording of the joint advertising. The Coindeal team was quite happy as they said that the Wolves were something more than partners – they were like family.

Kajetan Mackowiak exclaimed the same saying,

Kajetan Mackowiak exclaimed

“We feel that this partnership has been incredibly beneficial to both sides involved, we truly feel like family here.”

Future of Coindeal

The US market will take the next step in the development of the largest crypto-fiat exchanges in Europe. 

Adam Bicz shows his excitement for entering the new season,

“We truly couldn’t be happier and more excited about the possibilities this new season will bring.”

Also, the company is all set to enter the American market with 14 crypto to crypto markets, allowing the users from the States to profit from the newest Coindeal promotion with their free CDL tokens. 

Coindeal will be available in about 14 states to begin with (among others: Indiana, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming; more will be announced soon.) – would be good to complete the text with it.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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