Cfacoin Foremost Oil and Gas Utility Coin


CoinForAll (CFA)Coin is a script minting hybrid utility coin built on its own blockchain based on Bitcoin Core, developed with a specific purpose of usage by Africa’s 1.2 billion petrol users and to help further advance the field of crypto-currency in Africa.


User’s purchase petrol, gas, and other goods and services at a low price in Africa, with a proof of stake based on a projected minting power of 7% per annum on holding Coin.

CFACOIN presents a unique ICO model;ICO is subdivided into four phases. As the second phase commences, 2% investor purchase is activated for inter-wallet transfers. Investors may independently sell their 2% coins to other investors via inter-wallet transfers. Airdrop & Bounty coins will be released after the ICO.

3% of the total pre-mined coins are solely for Airdrop and Bounty program. 10 CFA is rewarded for airdrop signup and 5 CFA for referring others.

CFACOIN has secured partnerships with major retail oil & gas entities in Nigeria, a key market in Africa. These retailers agree to accept the CFACOIN as payment for their petroleum/gas products. Further partnerships and endorsement are being explored in other Sub-Sahara African countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Angola, and Kenya. View signed partners on the CFACOIN website.

To purchase petroleum products, consumers places buy orders on the CFA website and thereafter receives vouchers confirming their buy order. These vouchers can be exchanged for petroleum products at any of CFACOIN partner fuelling station. In addition, CFA coin holders will qualify for a special discount of 10.5% on petroleum products. However, discounts are not fixed and are subject to change due to market dynamics.

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