How Do I Cancel My CryptoCurrency Transaction?

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Of all the advantages bitcoin tends to offer us one is it’s invariableness of the records available. The transactions once recorded in the digital ledger cannot be changed or edited. Upon the confirmation and validation the transaction is executed after which there is no way going back. 

Alphanumeric characters which define the wallet key are highly exposed to being misspelt or misplaced after which the transaction is sent to the wrong address. 

Let us walk through the process of how one can cancel and reverse the unconfirmed bitcoin transactions. 

Can We Reverse Bitcoin Transaction?

Reversing a transaction would require 51% of the miners to agree at the same time that there has been an error and then reverse it in the books. Which obviously seems like a difficult job. 

Digital currency protocols do not allow to reverse or alter a transaction once initiated and confirmed. They are designed in an irreversible way and have no control on them. 

But there is still more to the story. After searching for FAQs on the internet for a solution you are ought to believe you lost the transaction but with Blender Wallet you might still have the time to retrieve your transaction. It uses a distinct Replace by Fee (RBF) methodology. 

BlenderWallet is a bitcoin wallet which allows the users to perform their transactions in a secure environment. It was mainly created to help people whose transactions are stuck with wrong addresses or also to avoid scammers from scamming. Blender is willing to work on your time saving strategy by authorizing you to spend your unconfirmed transactions.

What is RBF Technology? 

Replace by fee is a uniquely designed node that allows an unconfirmed transaction to be replaced with a different transaction spending at least one of the same input and also which pays higher fees. The most widely accepted form of RBF today is BIP125 opt-in RBF as adopted by Bitcoin Core 0.12.0

How Does it Work? 

The technique and mechanism is more complicated than just tapping on an undo button. 

Checking whether your bitcoin has received any confirmations greater than 0 is the first step. If you have received confirmations then the transaction is permanent and irreversible. 

If by chance your confirmation awaits you then you still have that chance of redeeming your mistake and setting it right. 

The two methodologies in cancelling your unconfirmed bitcoin transactions are: 

  • Replace by fee. 
  • Double spend u

BlendersWallet is designed in a way where Increased transaction fees can enable you to replace the original transaction with a fresh one. The transaction which is to be altered will be returned by using the wallet key after deducting the transaction fees.

You cannot Discard if? 

  • Even if you have received single confirmation then your transaction is blocked and irreversible.
  • The discarding few should be higher than the normal fees. 
  • The transaction must be from the source wallet.


The following feature can be of great ease to the people but there are some who may exploit it and try to take undue advantage of such wallets. There are chances that the sender can nullify the transaction without your attention and it’s instructed that you agree with the sender only after you receive a confirmation of a successful transaction on the explorer.

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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