Brewlabs, Making The Crypto Space A Safe Place To Invest

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Jan 15, 2022


Brewlabs – Making the Crypto World Better

Each day thousands of new people join the exciting world of cryptocurrency, reveling in the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge products, true innovation and an industry that will change the world forever.

But, with this opportunity, a newer and darker element has arisen, one where scammers have realized that without any true form of defence, it is easy to create plans to steal funds from hard-working investors.

These plans include everything from launching new cryptocurrency projects with fake teams to creating decentralized applications with the ability to empty wallets with the simple click of a button.

One company has decided that something had to be done and that company is Brewlabs.

Who are Brewlabs and what is their mission?

Brewlabs was founded by two experienced business professionals, David Hallet and Jesse Dean, who have personally built companies from the ground up.

With a keen interest in cryptocurrency and a want to learn all things blockchain, they each threw themselves passionately into learning everything there was to know about the industry.

Although there were many projects with exciting ideas and concepts, what they started to realise was that a significant amount of them were pure scams, meant only to steal funds from people, through either outright theft or through clever market manipulation.

After significant planning and pooling their shared years of commercial experience, the Brewlabs business and token was born.

Brewlabs is the complete solution for both crypto product enthusiasts and investors, offering professional audits to new projects to ensure they are legitimate, to advanced project contract builds, to a full DApp suite of products that include staking pools, liquidity pool farms, a cross-chain bridge, an in development IDO platform and a decentralized exchange.

The Brewlabs token, which is on the Binance Smart Chain, underpins the entire ecosystem, providing benefits to its holders, such as discounted use of products, complementary allocations of tokens from the newest customer projects and access to specialized pools, rewarding them in two forms of passive income.

With a significant roadmap planned, Brewlabs is making it so that it’s users, token holders and any newcomers to the crypto world will only invest in the safest of projects and solely use products that are guaranteed to be secure and at the cutting-edge of the industry.

What are Brewlabs products and how are they different?

Brewlabs is building an entire ecosystem of interconnected products that are linked to each other, with the Brewlabs token at the centre.

These products each complement each other to form the full package solution that Brewlabs wants to offer to anyone interested in getting involved in the industry, a one-stop shop for all things cryptocurrency.

Below is a summary of Brewlab’s exciting current and upcoming products and services:

–        Smart contract auditing and engineering

Brewlabs has multiple software engineers within its team and each of them are highly experienced, bringing only the best to the Brewlabs offerings.

The crypto industry currently faces fraudulent contracts and teams that are being built specifically to siphon funds from holders. Brewlabs, through it’s smart contract auditing and engineering arm, is making sure that these sorts of scams are a thing of the past.

They offer in-depth contract reviews, covering all elements of a contract, which differs to other audit services, who only use software to conduct their audits.

The Brewlabs team also does full team risk assessments, as well as reviews of a project’s business continuity plan to ensure they have the proper controls in place to exist indefinitely.

Other than the audits, Brewlabs offers a complete contract build service, so any new projects that want to create their own token, but don’t have the expertise, can use the Brewlabs engineering function to build the highest of quality contracts that will compete with the latest in the cryptocurrency field.

Both the audit and contract engineering services create a new standard of quality, no longer does the crypto industry have to worry about which products or projects they invest in, as Brewlabs offers both assurance and the best in their own contract builds.

–        Staking Pools and Liquidity Pool Farms

Providing value to the Brewlabs token holders is paramount to everything that Brewlabs does.

The Brewlabs Staking Pools and Liquidity Pool Farms allow Brewlabs token holders to earn interest on their tokens, just by using these platforms.

Brewlabs has also built a revolutionary new contract that differs to any other project in the BSC space, allowing participants in these products to get two forms of passive income, through both the pool rewards, which offer a high rate of return, and BUSD reflections, part of the inherent tokenomics of the Brewlabs token.

–        The Brewlabs Bridge

With new blockchains being built every day, Brewlabs ensures that both its token and any customer can go cross-chain with the Brewlabs Bridge.

The Brewlabs Bridge is being built in an industry-first methodology. It has the function to completely remove the need for wrapped tokens, making it cheaper and quicker compared to the competition.

The Brewlabs Bridge will also be utilized to create one of the first true cross-chain decentralized exchanges and will also be used across many products within the Brewlabs ecosystem, including, but not limited to, liquidity pool farming and the future IDO platform, the Brewlabs Launchpad..

–        The Brewlabs Launchpad and Decentralised Exchange

As mentioned above, Brewlabs aims to be the full solution to both projects and crypto enthusiasts within the industry.

As contract builds, audits and liquidity pool farms are already offered, the natural next step is to release the Brewlabs Launchpad, their IDO platform, and then their decentralized exchange.

This allows for projects a start to finish option, where they can use Brewlabs services to build their contract, launch a presale for their token, and then activate trading for their project on the Brewlabs decentralized exchange.

These are powerful offerings and incorporating the other products mentioned, such as the bridge, the staking pools and the farms, allows any new project limitless potential to a huge new market.

Why Brewlabs?

Brewlabs is creating a brand new ecosystem of safer and more secure projects and products. Want to invest in a new project? Why not one that Brewlabs has audited and you know you can trust? Want to create a contract, but don’t have the expertise?

Let Brewlabs do it for you, you’ll get only the most advanced and secure contract available in the space today! Want to hold a token that gives you utility-based benefits across the whole Brewlabs ecosystem and offers multiple sources of passive income?

Why not look into the Brewlabs token today! The Brewlabs token is available either directly from the Brewlabs website or via Pancakeswap and if you are interested in any of the Brewlabs services, head here to get started today!

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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