Brendan Schaub Becomes First Comedian to Tokenize Podcast with NFTs

MIAMI- Brendan Schaub is an American stand-up comic, podcast host, and TV personality. The Thiccc boy himself currently hosts some of the most well-known shows in the space. Below the Belt on showtime, which includes the hit series Food Truck diaries, Fighter and the Kidz alongside one of the hottest up and coming to comics Shapel Lacey that generates over 10 million views a month, and is a co-host on King and the Sting the insanely popular podcast with comedian Theo Von. 

Schaub recorded his first one-hour comedy special, “You’d Be Surprised in 2019 with Showtime”. Schaub can be seen on Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Comedy Central 100 best roast, MTV Ridiculousness with Rob Dyredek (holds the record for most appearances as a guest 8 times), Hot Box’n with Mike Tyson, and is a regular on Joe Rogan’s widely popular JRE podcast. Schaub has cemented himself as one of the most dynamic content creators in the world. Brendan’s innovative mindset has allowed him to be a pioneer in the NFT space by becoming the first comedian ever to offer his dynamic podcast content inside of a special NFT.

A Podcast Inside an NFT?

Brendan has a history of adapting and becoming the best in his area of focus. Schaub quickly recognized the need for digital fan memorabilia via unique tokens. He has recently created that solution in the NFT space by being the first comedian to ever curate a podcast on a blockchain. The NFT experience includes a 1:1 token that contains the exclusive podcast only available to the owners of the digital token. 

Upon winning the NFT, that token holder also gains full access and control of the episode. Schaub has rewritten the history books in the blockchain space by showing other comedians that they can control the earnings and rights to their content by using NFT’s.

Why Tokenizing a Podcast Through NFTs Matters

Brendan is literally the first comedian ever to offer their podcast as an NFT. Schaub, who recognized how important it is for digital content creators to regain ownership of their work, has decided to tokenize a limited number of his podcasts via smart contracts. This allows him to control not only the deployment but the security of his digital podcast content forever. 

No matter when or how it was created, he will be in control of earnings and assigning ownership to his digital work. The most exciting part about these NFT podcasts is they will be unique content only available via digital tokens. The number of tokens(podcasts) available for each episode will be limited. The scarcity of supply should encourage lucky owners of the NFT’s to resell them on open markets and create even more demand for Schaub’s work. 

It’s going to actually pay off to own digital content in the future because of innovators like Schaub. Earning royalties on future sales is one of the most important features of smart contracts inside NFT’s. Schaub is a true renaissance man, demonstrating for the world how powerful NFT’s can be inside any application. Brendan is hopeful he can encourage others to monetize their digital content by leveraging blockchain technology.

You can catch Brendan on tour in Oklahoma City June 10, 2021 — June 12, 2021. Tickets can be purchased at You can also find him on Twitter at @BrendanSchaub.

The NFT will be exclusively available on the Fomo Labs Marketplace. 

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