Bitconnect Coin prices are sky reaching – With Evolution in Ethereum cryptocurrency

There is a substantial growth marked on June 10 in the Bitconnect Coin prices. It shows up to $59.24. within the period of 3 months, its prices have increased enormously – from $1.76 to $59.24! this marks the surprising progress of 3265 percent.

Bitconnect coins –  BCC Evolution

Bitconnect coins are often considering as BCC to the Bitconnect community.. With the recent growth in cryptocurrency market as shown from the beginning of 2017, it has achieved a historic milestone of $100 billion in Coinmarketcap as on June 9.

Bitconnect Coin prices

The value of cryptocurrency market cap was $113 million where 37.8% share has shown for Bitcoin price – According to resources.

“The fact that these gains have come from currencies other than Bitcoin are a good sign that this is less of a bubble and more of a resurgence of interest in crypto,” said Techcrunch journalist Fitz Tepper.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitconnect

It has been reported that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the catalysts contributing enormously to the growth of cryptocurrency market. These two cryptocurrencies contribute the largest portion of the currency market – around $7.7billion market cap as combined. Bitcoin as a safe haven asset and digital gold has received huge demand in the mid-2016 and is in the media eye frequently.

Furthermore, Bitcoin was featuring on the front page of international newspapers including Wall Street Journal. The presentation comprises the comparison of Bitcoin with Gold and US Dollar – the world’s largest asset and reserve currency.

As the growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum is surpassing in a cryptocurrency market, many investors are showing up interest in cryptocurrency. As to investing and trading in other digital currencies which shall include, Litecoin, Bitconnect, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin and so on.

Bitconnet is naming among the largest cryptocurrencies and networks.

Moreover, the report shows Market cap of Bitcoin in crypto-network was around $346 million. The crypto -Network is Bitcoin leading platform, where Bitconnect seems to be the 22nd largest network.

The evolution of Bitconnect was surprisingly increasing during last 3 months. Since April, investors are aggressively participating in the Ethereum investment, which has increased from $39 to $374 – around 858.9% increase in price. Furthermore, investors are keen towards the rise of Initial coin offerings(ICOs) and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance(EEA).

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