How Bitcoin Can Replace Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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Jul 16, 2020


The field and the bitcoin and the crypto have been doing really well in the past few years. Many have been deciding to invest. Some have already invested in it and they are having a huge profit. But isn’t it a great idea if you could give some? 

Well like gold and shares and stock, it is also an asset that can be gifted as a gift to anyone you want. We often give gifts to our near and dear ones in the form of gold, but have you ever thought that you can do this with bitcoin. 

It is actually a new unique idea that you can put into use and give bitcoins to your near and dear ones. You might not have thought before but even this could be a good gift for your beloved ones. 

In recent times there has been a lot of controversies, around the subject. The subject has been bitcoin and the fiat currencies which have been found out in 2008. 

What is the equation like? 

Bitcoin was brought out in 2008, which is like extremely competitive in the market right now. Some of the countries have accepted bitcoin as equivalent to real traditional currency. It is accepted that normal fiat currency is not similar to bitcoin, or it can be said that bitcoin is much more proficient than normal money. 

How can bitcoin be gifted? 

Have you heard fiat currency being given as a gift card? Don’t you love that? Of course, you do. Who would not like money in the form of a gift card? In fact, it is the best gift that can be gifted professionally and personally. Such gift cards come with several advantages for the buyer or the receiver. 

The same method has now been used for crypto too, the bitcoin gift cards are used for gifting purposes as well as for rewarding some employees. Now the gift card has been brought out in a manner so that it can be used to either buy some other asset or you can use the bitcoin to trade in some platform. 

What is a Gift Card? 

A gift card can also be called a voucher or gift, or token. It is also used as an alternative to any monetary gift, which the owner can redeem as and when he wants to. The whole purpose of giving a card is that the owner would use it as and when required. There is no compulsion that you will have to withdraw the entire money or use the entire money as soon as you get the card, you can use it as and when required.

Somethings that You Don’t Know About Crypto 

You must have never known some of the reasons here which many others would have known. It is the fact that gift cards are preferred more over any asset raw. 

Retailers Want you to Wish the Gift Card

The gift card is such a fun system, that you or the consumer would think that it is free money while from the business point of view, it is a great success. Anyone who uses a gift card gives a certain kind of profit or benefit to the company which they set from writhing the business. 

Storing Gift Cards in Phone

It is a normal fashion that people do store the gift cards in the locker and use it or redeem it whenever essential. But now, with the advancement of technology, people have now started to store the gift card on the phone.

It can be accessed easily and one does not have to carry it separately and since it would be a bitcoin gift card, then it would be used for any kind of online purposes easily. You can use the bitcoin system to send gifts or trading online.

You need to Treat Them Gently 

When you use plastic cards, you will have to be very gentle while using them and it would be the only drawback of using the gift card. The plastic cards would be destroyed or broken if not handled properly. Hence it is better that you deal with the card very sophisticatedly or you can also use the card on the phone. 

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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