BankerDoge: A DeFi Service Platform Partnering With Other Token Projects

BankerDoge is an existing Defi service platform that is now launching its own token through DxSale on September 13.

Earlier pre-sales have already raised over 1,100 BNB for the project and this launch will be the largest BSC token launch of this month with a goal to raise 3,500 BNB.

It is one of the only legitimate BSC projects backed by an expert team. 

About BankerDoge

BankerDoge is a platform that adds decentralized finance services that include staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking, and trustless Defi lending to all BSC tokens.

The company partners with other tokens to create staking systems and mutually beneficial contracts that will help with the growth of Banker tokens. 

Idea Behind BankerDoge

BankerDoge has an existing use case at launch: the project adds utility to existing tokens by building them custom staking vaults that support their unique tokenomics.

The vaults are specifically designed to reward longer-term token holders and support those who are committed to the projects with their stakings.

Members use the Banker token to enter and exit their vault or they will pay the fee that is used to boost the price and APY of the Banker token. 

Over $2,000,000 USD has been staked in the BankerDoge vaults before their token even launched. 

Tokenomics of Banker

With built-in reflection, different buy and sell fees, dynamic auto buy-back and burn, the Banker token features cutting-edge tokenomics built right into the smart contract.

In addition to this, the token also receives external boosts to price, demand and APY through their vault system.

The team calls it “externally boosted tokenomics” and it is believed to create significant growth and demand for the token.

The Banker team is aiming to be listed on multiple major exchanges in the first month of its launch. 

The Team Behind BankerDoge

BankerDoge comes with the support of an experienced and advanced team that is fully doxed and already has created a successful cryptocurrency project:

They are aiming to expand their footprint by building this new project that actually works together with their first. 

The core team, based in the United States, are all college graduates who have worked with major corporations like DELL, HP, Disney, Wells Fargo, and more.

Their identities are all public and you can learn more about them and the project at

About BankerDoge

BankerDoge is a decentralized finance platform with its own cryptocurrency. It includes services like staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking, and trustless DeFi lending to all BSC tokens.

This project of BankerDoge adds utility to existing tokens. It does it by building customized staking vaults aimed to support the tokenomics of those crypto projects.

As a part of the project, BankerDoge also partners with others to create mutually beneficial contracts that are good for Banker tokens. 

To know more about BankerDoge please visit here

You can also join there Telegram community for all the latest updates – 

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